San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition 2022

San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition
From October 01, 2022 until October 01, 2022
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)
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San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition - FilmFreeway

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We are excited to host SDUFEX \"in-person\" for the first time in three year!

Stay tuned to SDUFEX.com to see more details. You will have many opportunities to view your film at the festival's hybrid events.

Submarine films are welcome to be submitted for our festival! !

In 2000, the first San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition began. It was organized by a small group of people who met at Chuck Nicklin’s dive shop to exchange information about underwater video editing and shooting. It has become one of the most highly regarded underwater film festivals in the world over the past 23 years. Submit your underwater film to help make this the greatest festival ever!

We are charging a nominal fee for the first time to offset the financial impact of hosting a virtual festival that is free for the past two years.

Howard and Michele Hall are just a few of the many famous videographers whose work has been featured.

Please submit the films in 1920x1080 resolution and 20-30 Mbps encoded in H.264 in either.mov or MP4 formats. If your film(s), are selected, the submission will be the exhibition film. Your audio should not exceed -6 dB as the sound system can distort any audio above that level.

Please include the following information:
1. Name of the film.
2. Name of the film director(s).
3. Brief introduction to the film (100 words max).
4. Brief introduction (100 words maximum) of the filmmaker(s).
5. Photo by the film-maker(s).
6. Contact email to the filmmakers

You will declare that the information above is correct and that the film can be submitted for public screening at the SDUFEX 2022 film exhibition. In lieu of signing, your submission of the film will be an affirmation of the truthfulness of this declaration.

Below are additional information, deadlines and rules:

* Films must be submitted via FilmFreeway by June 15th 2022.
* Only two films per filmmaker may be submitted.
* Films may be submitted in one of the following categories:
* Maximum 5 minutes Maximum 5 minutes. At least 50% must be underwater. This category will comprise the majority of the films that are selected for SDUFEX. Film makers are encouraged to submit their best film, even if it's less than 5 minutes. Our best films are usually only 2 to 3 minutes long. However, longer is not always better.
* Maximum 10 minutes The length of the film should be between 5-10 minutes with at least half of it underwater. The films must tell a story. Submissions that have more substance are encouraged in this category. These will be judged accordingly. Only films that are narrated will be considered for this category. It is possible to select up to three films from this category (maximum 10 minutes each) per evening. Film makers with shorter submissions will have a better chance of being chosen.

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