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Chongqing International Packaging and Printing Industry Expo

From November 28, 2019 08:30 until November 30, 2019 17:30

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Chongqing is the only municipality directly under the central government in western China

Chongqing is the only municipality directly under the central government in western China. Since the first quarter of 2014, Chongqing's GDP growth has led the country for ten consecutive quarters. In 2017, Chongqing's GDP exceeded 1.95 trillion yuan, ranking fifth in China. Led by Chongqing and Chengdu, the economy of the western region is growing rapidly, and the agriculture and industry represented by food, medicine, automobile, and electronic products are developing rapidly, leading a new round of western construction.


Chongqing international packaging and printing industry expo will be held in Chongqing international expo center

Chongqing international packaging and printing industry expo will be held in Chongqing international expo center, which is also the largest and highest international exhibition platform in Chongqing. Guangdong Hongwei international exhibition group and Chongqing international expo center have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly create a grand gathering of packaging and printing industry in western China. With the theme of "taking packaging and printing as an opportunity and brand development as a channel to serve the brand development of western industries", the exhibition hopes to create a high-end event of the brand display, business cooperation and value sharing together with the elites of packaging and printing industry.


Product Category:

A. packaging products:

1. Paper packaging products (gift boxes, corrugated boxes, gift boxes, gift boxes, gift boxes, gift boxes, cans, cups, buckets, paper bags, paper holders and pulp molded paper);

2. Plastic packaging products (bags, bottles, cans, cups, boxes, and drums) and all kinds of plastic packaging products, such as blister packaging, blow packaging and injection packaging;

3. Metal packaging products, aluminum foil containers, non-woven fabric packaging, composite packaging products, bamboo, and wood packaging products, flocking packaging products, leather packaging products, glass packaging products, etc.


B. packaging materials:

1, paper packaging materials (special paper binding paper security paper water printing paper pattern paper filling paper art paper pearling paper card paper gray board Paper flocking paper synthetic paper stone paper coated paper honeycomb board corrugated paper kraft thermal paper pit paper);

2. Plastic packaging materials (pre-coated film, co-extrusion film, aluminized film, composite film, protective film, laser film, cat eye film, golden onion film, heat-shrinkable film, cooking film, high-barrier film, stretch film, stretch film, fiber film sealing film, etc.), plastic sheet (PVC sheet, PET sheet, PP sheet), bottle cap, bottle pad;

3. Cloth packaging materials (all kinds of textile packaging fabrics of coated non-woven fabric flocking fabric), all kinds of binding materials and packaging leather, aluminum foil packaging materials, flocking packaging materials, composite packaging materials, EVA EPE epp foam materials, and other packaging materials.


C. packaging accessories:

1. Associated packaging auxiliary materials: adhesive (pasting box plastic peritoneal glue sealing plastic hot-melt adhesive), ink painting/printing ink (paper printing ink other material plastic printing ink special ink photosensitive ink anti-counterfeit printing ink other functional inks), UV glazing oil, masterbatch, cover material, hot stamping, electrochemical aluminum, hot stamping, hot stamping film, aluminum foil paper, biodegradable materials, packaging tape, packing buckle, desiccant, lid and gasket, sealing tape, ribbon, packaging hose, tray, hollow boards, turnover box, which can protect horn, environmental protection tableware, sealing zipper, pallet.


D. packaging equipment:

1. Automatic intelligent packaging machinery: Automatic packaging production line, integral integration of packaging production line, packaging industrial robot (Palletizers, transporter, sorting machine, packing machine, packaging transport equipment, stacking machine, disassembling machine), others;

2. Corrugated carton machinery and equipment, honeycomb carton machinery and equipment consumables

3. Logistics and storage equipment and systemsPallets, bar code information system, conveyors, stacking cranes, stereoscopic shelves, sorting machines, others

4. Secondary packaging machinery, Palletizing machine, strapping machine, packing machine, shrink packing machine, automatic packing machine, packing machine, packing machine, packing machine, wrapping machine, winding packing machine, counting machine, etc

5. Primary packaging machinery, Sealing machine, packing machine, vacuum packing machine, aseptic packing machine, forming - filling - sealing machine, filling machine, measuring and filling machine, many kinds of direct packing machine, etc

6. Food packaging machinery and equipment

7. Packaging testing equipment and packaging auxiliary equipment


E. Related packaging equipment:

1, all kinds of packaging materials processing machinery and equipment injection (blister, blow, roll) machinery, extrusion machinery, box making machinery, bag making machinery, can make machinery, processing production line, industrial automation, automatic printing and labeling system, RFID printing and labeling application scheme, packaging processing, packaging testing equipment and packaging machinery.


F. special topics:

1. Luxury packaging: perfume packaging, jewelry packaging, cosmetics packaging, wine packaging, fine food packaging, high-end tea packaging, tobacco packaging and other luxury packaging;

2, label identification and anti-counterfeiting: label anti-counterfeiting label anti-counterfeiting printing technology RFID technology bar code technology label inner label label thermal shrinkage label;

3. Functional packaging: buffer packaging, anti-rust packaging, cold chain packaging, recycled packaging, Internet of things packaging, fresh packaging.


G, labels & flexible packaging & film exhibition


H. Printing technology and equipment:

1, before printing, Publishing software, packaging pre-press software, workflow and data processing software, multimedia software, coding and identification software and equipment, input equipment, output equipment, printing plate production equipment and system, stamping equipment, color matching system

2, printing: Sheet-fed offset presses, web offset presses, flexo presses, letterpress presses, gravure presses, hybrid presses (online solutions), digital presses and digital printing systems, screen presses, flat presses, specialty presses, peripherals, cots, rollers, and sleeves

3. Post-press and paper processing equipment: binding machine and post-press processing machine, paper processing and papermaking equipment, equipment conversion, packaging production, paper processing equipment for sanitary products, paper processing equipment, technical document products, finished die-cutting printing plate machine, coding and identification system

4, paper and substrate, ink and consumables

5. Supporting facilities and infrastructure: Services and software


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