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Shenzhen International Massager and Foot Care Products Exhibition

From November 03, 2019 09:00 until November 05, 2019 17:00

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As an emerging traditional industry, the foot treatment industry is developing rapidly

Strong domestic and foreign industry organizations support the business delegation led by domestic and more than a dozen other countries and regions of the massage apparatus and foot care industry organizations will participate in or visit the exhibition with a strong lineup.

Massage is a common method of the human body meridian clear, relieve fatigue, along with economic development, the Chinese people's living standards rise, aging has become increasingly obvious, health has gradually become a philosophy of life, massage appliance industry gradually developed, its products are also global massage appliance market scale has risen steadily in recent years, the size of the market in 2014 has been close to $10 billion, with the development of recent years,  expected to massage appliance market scale will reach 13.8 billion dollars. At present, China has become the global research and development and manufacturing center of massage instruments and has formed a huge industrial chain integrating design, production, sales, and service. The overall supply of the industry is relatively sufficient, which can effectively cope with the explosive growth of demand. The market scale of domestic massage apparatus is increasing year by year, which is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world.

As an emerging traditional industry, the foot treatment industry is developing rapidly. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the number of employees in the foot treatment industry is in the millions, and the industrial output value is nearly 100 billion yuan. It is a rapidly developing industry in the tertiary industry. Massage and foot massage supplies in  Shanghai international exhibition audience complementary resources, play a synergistic effect,  massage and foot care products in the ninth session of Shanghai international exhibition "will be in  was held at Shanghai new international expo center, the exhibit area of 20000 square meters, is expected to professional audience of 28000 people, more than 400 exhibitors.


Product Categories:
  • Massage equipment:

Massage chair, massage sofa, massage table, massage apparatus, massage hammer, massage pad, massage machine, massage belt, sports massage apparatus, foot massage series, portable massage series, eye massage apparatus, head massage apparatus        accessories, etc

  • Health care equipment:

Health starter, health pillow health backrest health cushion, physical examination instrument, physiotherapy apparatus;Physical therapy instrument physical therapy chair traction instrument electric therapy instrument physical therapy belt blood circulation instrument, improve the instrument;Cupping device hearing aid back correction health care boots health care socks scraping board oxygenator

  • Footbath equipment:

Footbath basin, foot treatment basin, foot massage therapy instrument, foot therapy vitality, foot treatment steam bucket, foot bath bed, foot bath sofa, and other series foot bath massage physiotherapy health care products, foot bath auxiliary products tools, and supporting product materials.

  • Foot spa brand franchise:

A national chain of large brands

  • Supporting health products:

With health care function of Tomalin, nano, bian-stone, magnetic therapy, far infrared, anion and other health textiles, sleep, bedding, clothing, protection, accessories, and other related appliances.

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