LOHAS Expo - The Trade Exhibition of Natural, Organic & Green Living Products 2023

LOHAS Expo - The Trade Exhibition of Natural, Organic & Green Living Products
From February 03, 2023 until February 05, 2023
Hong Kong - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, China
852 2786 0998
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

首頁 - LOHAS Expo 天然有機綠色生活博覽 2023

3/2/2023 (Fri) - 5/2/2023 (Sun). Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 3F and G.

The exhibition also promotes Lohas, which is a green and healthy lifestyle and sustainable development lifestyle in Asia, since 2012. It aims to offer sustainable products and services for society and consumers such as food and beauty, health care, and so on.

This three-day event will include a variety of workshops and exhibition areas to showcase related products and services. It also provides a platform for communication and networking that attracts industry buyers from around the globe.

Expo attendees from Asia and the rest of the world will have the opportunity to network with each other through the three-day event, which includes a variety of forums, seminars, awards and industry seminars.



About LOHAS Expo

LOHAS Expo is the leading trade expo for Organic, Health and Green Living products with the aim to promote LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability) since 2012. The event has attracted a diverse array of well-known global enterprises and brands from countries and regions around the world – China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, Philippines, France, and the USA, etc.


Why Exhibit

For companies who want to offer their LOHAS products & services to consumers in the region and share the enormous pie of China & Asian markets, LOHAS Expo is, without doubt, your best platform!

Proven Track Record

Inaugurated in 2012, LOHAS Expo & VFA are the only trade exhibitions dedicated LOHAS and Vegetarian market in Hong Kong & Asia and have since attracted hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors. LOHAS Expo & VFA 2018 enjoyed the shows most resounding success to date.

Excellent Return of Investment
  • LOHAS Expo will provide you with various chances to sell, promote and network. Book your booth now!
  • Meet hundreds of high-quality trade buyers who are decision-makers
  • Build your brand’s presence in the region
  • Launch the new product to market on the best platform
  • Showcase your products alongside with other leading brands
  • Meet key customers face to face


Product Category:


Products with natural features or functional benefits that improve health

  • Dietary Supplements
  • Gluten-Free Products
  • Natural & Organic Food & Beverage
  • Natural Food Supplements
  • Sugar-Free Products
  • Vitamin & Mineral Supplements


Leading own healthy lifestyle with no harmful substances to the environment

  • Baby Products
  • Building & Home Furnishings
  • Eco-Clothing / Textile / Apparel
  • Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Product
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
  • Eco-Living Products
  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
  • Gardening Products
  • Green / Energy Saving Appliances
  • Packaging Products
  • Pet Products


Latest skincare, hair care, and beauty products by natural and organic labels

  • Alternative Healthcare
  • Beauty & Slimming Products
  • Body & Personal Care
  • Cosmetic & Skincare
  • Essential Oils / Aromatherapy
  • Natural Healing & Therapies


Eco-friendly products with sustainability achievement and performance

  • Eco-Labeling
  • Environmental Management
  • Quality Testing
  • Social Responsible Investment


  • Eco-Tourism & Travel
  • Camping & Outdoor Products
  • Handicraft Products
  • Leisure Activities / Courses
  • Sports Tourism
  • Wellness / Medical Tourism
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Hong Kong - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, China Hong Kong - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, China


i want to visit
Hi i am Malik from pakistan..i want to visit this event
Abdul Mukit Chowdhury
Twenty-five percent (25%) of our One Hundred eighty (180) million people have a huge market. There is considerable potential for an annual turnover of a great deal. The people of the country are gradually becoming interested in health awareness and physical beauty.

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