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China Guangzhou International Rail Transit Industry Exhibition(IMETRO)

From August 23, 2019 until August 25, 2019



The only annual event held jointly by the government and the subway company in the country, with a gathering of famous enterprises and political and business gatherings

As the highest specification and most influential in China's rail transit industry, the China Guangzhou International Rail Transit Industry Exhibition (IMETRO) was jointly established by the Guangzhou Municipal Government and the Metro Group. Since the exhibition, it has been the track of the Development and Reform Commission of Guangzhou and the track of the Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Commission directly supervised the entire operation of the exhibition, adding a strong new administrative momentum for the high-quality exhibition. The quality of IMETRO has been impeccable, and the exhibition experience has been fully demonstrated. With its leading forward-looking, professional and complete lineup, it has become the best choice for rail transit owners to follow up on the latest developments and latest trends. After 8 years of rapid development, the exhibition has received rave reviews and has a good reputation at home and abroad. It has provided efficient and excellent business negotiation, project docking, technical exchange and scientific research for thousands of rail transit suppliers and many rail transit owners. The transportation industry is full of ecological three-dimensional, all-round, multi-dimensional industrial development complex.

IMETRO has been deeply cultivating the industry with the positioning of resource integrators in the global rail market

IMETRO has been deeply cultivating the industry with the positioning of resource integrators in the global rail market. The success of previous exhibitions, in addition to the extraordinary overall exhibition operation team, benefited from China's rapid development of the rail transit market, especially from the report of the 19th Party Congress. To build a strong transportation strategy and to inject a strong new market momentum into China's rail transit industry. More than a dozen units including CRRC, Huawei, and the US Consulate General in Guangzhou have reached a strategic consensus with iMETRO to list iMETRO as a regular market. Promote the brand strategy window. As of November 2018, 35 cities in 24 provinces in China have opened rail transit, with 163 operating lines and a total length of 4,909 kilometers. The planned construction mileage is 7,700 kilometers, of which the mileage under construction exceeds 6,000 kilometers.

IMETRO will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou China Import and Export Fair Complex

IMETRO will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou China Import and Export Fair Complex. The transformation, innovation, and integration will be a vital part of iMETRO. Among them, high-quality development will be an important work indicator of the iMETRO team. On the basis of maintaining a shocking exhibition experience, more resources will be put into the operation and development of the domestic and foreign rail transit government authorities and owners, fully guiding and releasing the market. The new demand will help IMETRO to build a comprehensive development of the rail transit industry as a “global exhibition, global outlook, global announcement”. While continuing to consolidate the domestic market, we will continue to focus on the business development of foreign markets, and combine the Chinese government's “transportation power” and the “going out” strategic deployment of the rail transit industry, focusing on the “One Belt, One Road” coverage areas such as Southeast Asia, Central, and Eastern Europe. Industry-related parties such as rail transit owners in India and South America will attend the conference to help exhibitors layout the international market.


Before the start of the inheritance, we will focus on the demand side and focus on resource integration to create a new era of intelligent rail transit development.

We will closely follow the country's strategic decision to build a “transportation power”, fully grasp the favorable policies, and share new opportunities for rail transit development. The theme of this exhibition is “Intelligence Leading, Promoting Innovation, Integrating and Sharing”, and continues to upgrade the group exhibition to the main axis of the exhibition with the supply side and the demand side as the core, and perceive the new needs of the supplier business development. New requirements for the construction and operation of the owner. In the area of exhibition area, it will be optimized and upgraded, and functional exhibition areas such as national pavilion exhibition area, industrial park exhibition area, owner exhibition area, vehicle manufacturing and supporting exhibition area, planning and construction area, and operation maintenance exhibition area will be established.

The exhibition is expected to exhibit an area of more than 20,000 square meters. More than 200 well-known brand enterprises from all over the world will participate in the exhibition, bringing the entire industry chain of rail transit, subway, tram, light rail, and magnetic levitation. The latest technology, the latest equipment and the latest total solutions for each system. In this unparalleled exhibition stage, not only well-known brands such as China CRRC, China Railway, Herrenknecht, Samsung, Panasonic, etc. are competing on the same stage, and more than 15,000 are expected to come from government authorities, rail transit owners and vehicles. Manufacturers, engineering construction units, design consulting units, and other managers and purchasing decision-makers will come to the exhibition to discuss business opportunities with exhibitors. In the same period, more than 10 professional summit forums or technical seminars will be held to discuss the smart future with the industry. Development blueprint.


The gathering of the two political and economic circles is the key to the success of previous exhibitions. The high specification has been to continue to lead the national counterparts from the first session.

The holding of previous exhibitions has been highly valued by local governments and owners' units that are planning or have been under construction. They have personally led the local Development and Reform Commission, the Land Planning Bureau, the Housing Construction Committee, the Transportation Committee, and the rail transit construction with the mayor level. The main responsible person of the operating unit came to visit and inspect, and exchanged ideas with local exhibitors on local rail transit planning, construction and operation to explore opportunities for cooperation. Among them, Guangzhou Mayor Wen Guohui, Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress Director Chen Jianhua, Guangzhou Municipal Standing Committee Cai Chaolin, Guangzhou Vice Mayor Liming, Qingdao Mayor Zhang Xinqi, Xi'an Vice Mayor Li Wei, Guiyang Vice Mayor Liu Chuncheng, Kunming Vice Mayor Meng Qinghong, Harbin Vice-Mayor Zhang Wanping, Vice Mayor of Hohhot Cai Yudong, and Kunming Deputy Mayor Hong Weizhi have accumulated 45 government leaders.


Information dissemination is a public relations communication solution that iMETRO has carefully tailored for exhibitors. Here, one step is in place and direct to the world!

IMETRO pays great attention to the integration of information media resources, provides comprehensive brand shaping and promotion communication solutions for all exhibitors, and invites all major TV newspapers, mainstream financial media, large-scale portals, industry media, and overseas media to conduct all-round exhibitors. Multi-angle, three-dimensional reports, maximize the promotion of the latest products and technologies to global buyers, creating unlimited business opportunities for exhibitors! The media participating in the live coverage of this exhibition will reach more than 100, including CCTV, Guangdong Satellite TV, Southern Satellite TV, Asian TV, Phoenix TV, Guangzhou TV, Xinhua News Agency, British Financial Times, China Securities Journal, Securities Times, Guangzhou Daily, South. Metropolis Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, First Financial Daily, Phoenix Net, Sohu, NetEase, Sina, Tencent, and many industry media.

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