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MetalComp China

From November 17, 2020 09:00 until November 20, 2020 18:00


MetalComp China


MetalComp China

MetalComp China will feature a display of forging & metal forming, fabricating, forging & stamping technology, metalworking, china metal forming equipment & manufacturing technology, china industry news, china machinery & electronics industry, international die & mold industry,


Exhibit Categories
  • Mechanical presses: Servo presses, High-speed automatic precision presses, C-frame presses, Straight side presses, Transfer presses, Cold forging presses, Hot forging presses, Screw presses, others

  • Hydraulic presses: Hydraulic servo presses, Fine blanking presses, Die spotting presses, Forging hammer, Extrusion hydraulic presses, others

  • Sheet metal fabricating machines: Laser cutting machines, Plasma cutting machines, Water-jet cutting machines, NC punching machines, Press brakes, Shearing machines, Tube bending machines, Plate rolling machines, others

  • Special forming machines: Tube/section forming machines, Wire forming machines, Spring machines, Incremental forming machines (Die-less NC forming machines), Wire drawing machines, Forming presses for powder and plastic parts, Electromagnetic forming machine, Internal high-pressure forming, Roll-formers, Spinning machines, Sawing machines (Circular/belt type), Bar shear, others

  • Machine elements: Servo motor and control systems, Cooling units, Clutches, Servo hydraulic pumps, Hydraulic control systems, electromagnetic valves, others

  • Automation equipment: Uncoiling equipment, Leveler Feeders, Transfer Facilities, Feeding/discharging equipment, Stacking devices, Robot lines, Belt conveyors, Quick die change systems, Storage of coils/blanks, others

  • Safety equipment: Light beam type safety devices, Load monitors, Testing/inspection instruments, Sensors, Noise and vibration protection, Flitter devices, others

  • Tools & dies: Tools and dies for Forging, Sheet metal stamping and fabricating, other special forming processes, etc.

  • Surface treatment: Shot-blasting equipment, Washing machines, Deburring machines, Corrosion control-related equipment, Painting equipment, Mould release agents, Graphitic lubricant, others

  • Welding Machines: Laser welding machines, High-frequency welding machines, Electron beam welding machines, Spot welding machines, Arc welding machines, Gas welding machines, Welding robots, others

  • Designing/Manufacturing systems: CAD/CAM, CAE, Rapid prototyping, Production management systems, Smart transportation systems/equipment for the workshop, others

  • Heating & heat treatment: Forging & heat-treatment furnace and energy-saving technology, Nozzles, Galvanic couple, Refractory, others

  • Metal formed parts: All kinds of forgings, stampings, fabricating and other formed parts, etc.

  • Materials: Metal Plate, Tube, Wire, Bar, others

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