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The Asia Fresh Expo (Autumn)

From November 15, 2019 until November 17, 2019


The ASIA FRESH Expo is the only professional trade fair in mainland China aimed at the global fresh fruit and vegetable growers, distributors, service providers, and retailers. It focuses on the trade docking and product technology display in the field of fresh fruits and vegetables and is based on the main consumer market in China. The ASIA FRESH Expo (hereinafter referred to as wanguo fair) is committed to helping high-quality and honest fruit and vegetable growers, processing products enterprises and dealers at home and abroad to introduce their products to large purchasers, and also helping planting and supporting technology and equipment suppliers to share advanced and efficient production concepts and methods with industry professionals.

What is Asia Fresh?

ASIA FRESH is a leading flagship exhibition of fruit and vegetable industry in China. As a B2B trade platform, ASIA FRESH is deeply cultivating domestic resources, keep close ties with growers, distributors, retailers, and ancillary service providers. With a good reputation in the industry, the exhibition has been successful. It has attracted the support and participation of international partners from Italy, France, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and so on.


Product Categories:
  • Vegetables
    Leafy Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Yam, Cauliflower, Pods, Melons, Canola, Onion, Ginger, Water, Lettuce, Dehydrated Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables
  • Fruit And Vegetable Origin
    Inspection & Quarantine Supplier
    Moisture Tester, Soil Testing, Brix Test Machine
  • Fruits
    Fresh Fruit, Cutting Products, Processing Fruits, Nuts, Organic Products, Dry Fruit, Frozen Fruit, Canned Products
  • Cold Chain Preservation Technology & Logistics
    Warehouse, Tracing Technologies & System, Cold Chain Supplier, Cooling Equipment, Frozen Equipment
  • Harvesting & Sorting Equipment
    Harvesting Machine, Classification and Sorting, Intelligent Detection, Delivery
  • Edible Fungus
    Edible Fungus Species, Related Products
  • Deep-Processing Technology & Equipment
    Washing, Juicing, Peeling, Boil, Sterilization, Concentrating, Cooling, Vegetable Processing Equipment, Inkjet Printer, Analysis System, Anti- Counterfeiting Packaging Technology & Equipment.
  • Packing
    Packaging Material, Packaging Box, Packaging Equipment
  • Fresh E-Commerce & Retail Operations
    Commerce Information Manager System, E-Commerce, Display Equipment, Storage, Food Processing Equipment, Label Equipment, On-Line Trade Platform


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