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Guangzhou International Hydrogen-Related Product and Health Product Exhibition(HWE) 2022

From September 15, 2022 until September 17, 2022

Guangzhou International Hydrogen-Related Product and Health Product Exhibition(HWE)

To the people foodstuff is all-important

To the people foodstuff is all-important. To the foodstuff safe is all-important. And water for the net. All human life activities require water to participate. With the advent of "World Water Day" and "China Water Week", the topic of national safe drinking water, which has received much attention, has once again warmed up. The hydrogen-rich healthy water market has been exerted frequently, and its development momentum is strong, and it has gradually entered the public's field of vision. On the basis of continuous experimentation and demonstration by foreign experts such as Professor Shigeo-Ohta, Professors such as Professor Sun Xuejun are also actively involved in the research of hydrogen medicine, and the improvement of national health awareness can be foreseen. China has a promising future in the field of hydrogen molecular medical research. In the future, the market size of China's hydrogen-rich water will be more than 10 billion RMB. The hydrogen industry will become the next 10 trillion market, which will affect global medical demand and medical system in the future. The medical revolution of hydrogen molecules, such a large market is currently to be deeply explored.


Exhibits Profile
  • Health Care Food: health food and raw material, fortified food, tonic, enzymes, dendrobe, probiotics, beauty slimming products, foods for special medical purpose, functional beverage, nutrition recipe and etc.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Products: moxibustion, health-preserving instruments, body care products, TCM fumigation products and etc.
  • Eye Care: massage device for eyes, eye health food, eye drops, eye pad and etc.
  • Hydrogen-related Product: hydrogen drinking products, hydrogen-water beauty products, hydrogen-water fabrication facilities & packaging and etc.
  • Smart Health-Care: digital medical equipment, medical wearables, telemedicine, medical robot, precision medical products, digital health products and etc.
  • Health Monitoring: Health physical examination instrument, health examination institutions, gene detection, an institution for the aged.
  • Household Product: household testing instrument, household therapeutic apparatus, healthy house product and etc.


It's the first and largest hydrogen products exhibition in China

Guangzhou International Hydrogen-Related Product and Health Product Exhibition – the first and largest hydrogen products exhibition in China. Over 80% of hydrogen industry companies are participating in the exhibition, such as Su Qing Quan, Jialeshi, Nanobubble, Xiaoqinquang, SANKO, Enjoy Water, Daitiver, Renshi Group, Kaerte, Gyms Silky, HODW, Yijian, Lifuren, Korean S.I, Qingxin, Ruidien, Hitachi, Renfushengwu, Jiexia Trading, Daewoo, Haodi, Cangyi, Chuanghui, Qingniao, CRBT, Aisaguangbo, Fushan, Anlihong, Huimin, Xirui, Liming, Wohele, Royal Filter, Olansi, Meiqingyuan, Muqi, Iport Group, Zhongcheng, Shangzhentang, Shenhuabaoli, Hanjin Kafulong and so on.

This year, exhibitors from 12 countries and regions including Japan, the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan will join the fair to present latest products and technologies, which already has aroused great attention from the industry. In continuous exploration, the exhibition seeks to progress and new breakthroughs to become an important “knocking door” for the hydrogen industry to spread and develop all over the world.


HWE by the numbers: 
  • 60 000 visitors
  • 1 200 exhibitors 
  • 18 countries and regions
  • 50 000 sq.m exhibition area
Key products to be presented:
  • Hydrogen Drinking Products: hydrogen drinking water, deuterium depleted water, hydrogen water bottle, hydrogen-water chillers, hydrogen-rich stick, silicon
  • Hydrogen-water Beauty Products: hydrogen-water spa, hydrogen-water facial mask, hydrogen-water facial spray
  • Hydrogen-water Fabrication Facilities & Packaging: special metal cans, packaging of aluminum foil composite, nanotechnology, micro-electrolysis technology, electrolytic technology, photo-catalysis technology, detecting instruments 
  • Hydrogen-water capsule, high hydrogen food 
HWE – an exhibition for those, who are engaged in the fields of:
  • Agriculture
  • Food & beverages
  • Health care 
  • Medical care
  • Cosmetics, beauty care products
  • Logistics / packaging 

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