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National Salt Products, Salt Equipment and Packaging New Materials Exhibition

From August 28, 2019 09:00 until August 30, 2019 17:00
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National Salt Products, Salt Equipment and Packaging New Materials Exhibition

The last salt fair was full of achievements. The last salt fair was full of achievements, brilliant, widely praised and achieved a complete success. According to the demand of the industry, after the decision of the China salt industry association, Shanghai Xinshi exhibition service co., LTD will hold this Shanghai salt expo in Shanghai new international expo center. The preparation of this exhibition will focus on "high standard, high quality, high standard, high level, high efficiency", to continue to create first-class exhibition efforts


Product Category:

1. Salt products: green low-sodium salt, sea-buckthorn iodized salt, natural sea salt, low-sodium deep well salt, special salt, special table salt (without iodine), deep well salt, low-sodium bamboo salt, natural crystal salt, iodized refined salt, iodized bamboo salt, seaweed iodized salt, iodized washing salt, low-sodium salt

2. Packaging technology and equipment: salt, composite plastic packaging, plastic packaging materials aluminum three autoregulating, self-supporting bag, compound bag, packaging equipment, packaging machinery, printing presses, vacuum packaging, membrane labeling machine, speed bag-making machine, printing machine, printer, packaging design, packaging information, packing processing technology, the overall solution, packaging services

3. Salt production technology and equipment: salt production and process, salt production of complete sets of equipment, stainless steel hoisting machine, mixer, conveyor, crusher, washer, crusher, vibrating screen, with iodine trough, filter, drying equipment, drying equipment, evaporation system, MVR salt crystal device, filtration and separation, machine, edible salt, auxiliary machinery equipment and accessories, automation and control systems, weighing equipment and pipe/valve/pump, test/control equipment, variable speed mechanical equipment, air compressor, water processor, environmental protection machinery, sensors, laboratory equipment, etc.;


National Salt Products, Salt Equipment and Packaging New Materials Exhibition by the numbers:
  • 20 000 professional visitors
  • 135 exhibitors
  • 10 000 square meters of exhibition area
Key products to be presented at the exhibition:
  • Salt products: low sodium salt, iodized salt, natural sea salt, non-iodized salt, natural crystal salt, bamboo salt
  • Packaging technology and equipment: salt packaging materials, composite plastic packaging, aluminum composite film bags, all kinds of 3-side seal packaging,  stand up pouch bag, packaging equipment, printing presses, vacuum packaging, film labeling machines, inkjet printers, coding machines, packaging design, packaging processing technology, packaging overall solution, packaging services
  • Salt production technology and equipment: salt production technology, salt production equipment, stainless steel hoists, mixers, conveyors, pulverizers, dust collectors, drying equipment, salt harvesting machines, salt transport trucks
  • Auxiliary machinery and accessories: automation and control systems, weighing equipment, pipe fittings/valves/ pumps, testing/control equipment, air compressors, water treatment machines, environmental protection machinery, laboratory equipment



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