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Wuhan International Preschool Education Industry Expo(PEE)

From March 06, 2020 09:00 until March 08, 2020 18:00

Wuhan International Preschool Education Industry Expo(PEE)

Wuhan International Preschool Education Industry Exposition  (PEE)

Preschool education is an important part of China's basic education. At present, the Chinese government is actively promoting the implementation of the third preschool education action plan, and basically establishing a public service system for preschool education that covers a wide range of areas, ensures basic education and provides quality services. China's urbanization process and the change of birth policy make every family in all regions of the country feel more deeply the structural significance of education for life, and thus attach more importance to the starting education of children. However, with the continuous increase of kindergarten enrollment, the kindergarten resources are generally insufficient, especially high-end kindergartens are in great demand. The next few years will be the golden period for the development of domestic preschool education industry.

In the face of pre-school education the huge market demand, to promote the development of preschool education industry, by the China Council for the children's commercial work, Asian federation of preschool education union, the Asia-pacific toy enterprise, Guangdong Hongxing international exhibition group co., LTD, Wu Hanhong countries rich exhibition co., LTD to undertake the " Wuhan international preschool education industry exposition " (PEE) will be held at Wuhan international exhibition center. The exhibition is expected to cover an area of 30,000 square meters, covering teaching toys, kindergarten supplies, preschool education institutions, preschool education courses, educational toys, and amusement equipment, aiming to build an information exchange platform for the park, institutions and enterprises, and help domestic and foreign enterprises to develop emerging markets.


Product Categories:
  • Preschool education intelligent product categories: electronic whiteboard, touching all-in-one, interactive multimedia course, projectors, preschool education cloud platform, home women and children's education apps and security management software, kindergarten transport system and monitoring facilities, tablets, kindergarten children intelligent education robot, the body feeling interaction products, 3 d interactive education, AR/VR children education products, interactive amusement products and solutions for children, children's intelligence intelligent products, children's wear and children's products safety education, children's programming STEAM education and curriculum, DIY products, electronic building blocks, etc;
  • Early childhood education franchise: early education agencies, early childhood education centers, parent-child centers, early childhood education research and development institutions, early childhood education franchise chain agencies, early childhood education consulting agencies, international children's English training agencies, animation, and brand licensing agencies;
  • Learning products: kindergarten courses, early education courses, intellectual products, children's enlightenment products, sensory integration equipment, children's books, early education products, animation products, children's products, etc.Kindergarten books, picture books, children's publications, school bags, stationery, painting supplies, animation audio-visual products, botanical specimens, manual courses, game courses, scientific experiment courses, children's books, left-right brain development textbooks, etc.
  • Kindergarten supporting facilities: school bus, kindergarten furniture, desks and chairs, Musical Instruments, music classroom, outdoor slide, naughty castle, amusement machine, children's castle, baby cart, rocking car, inflatable amusement equipment, children's game rack, swing, swing chair, rotary table, trampoline, seesaw, combination amusement toys, etc.
  • Kindergarten supplies: school bag, garden clothes, bedding, kindergarten tableware, children's meal bag, disinfection wet wipes, cleaning supplies, boiling water, water purifier, air purifier equipment, and campus fresh air system solutions;
  • Kindergarten decoration and design: kindergarten environment design, all kinds of kindergarten plastic floor, floor mat and artificial lawn, etc.
  • Preschool education supplies categories: kindergarten books, dictionaries, periodicals, audiobooks, CDs/DVDs/CDs - Is, e-books, textbooks, pop-up books, picture books/CARDS, illustration, painting and coloring book, animated cartoons, movies, music, children's publications, painting supplies utensils, DIY, silly putty, animation, audio and video products, plant specimens, manual course, teaching AIDS and board games for children, children's digital music education, games, science experiment course, teaching material of left and right brain development, etc;
  • Educational toys: building blocks toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, corner toys, desktop toys, remote control toys, wooden toys, simulation models.


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