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China(Kunming) International Livestock Fair

From November 28, 2019 09:00 until November 30, 2019 18:00

China(Kunming) International Livestock Fair

China (Kunming) international livestock  fair

Yunnan is an important province mainly producing animal husbandry in China. The comprehensive output value of animal husbandry accounts for 35% of the total agricultural output value, and 25% of the cash income of farmers' families comes from animal husbandry. At the end of last year, the comprehensive output value of animal husbandry in Yunnan reached 200 billion yuan, which is one of the provinces and regions with the richest livestock and poultry genetic resources in China. There are 69 species listed in the list of livestock and poultry genetic resources in China, ranking the first in China. These livestock and poultry resources have the characteristics of good meat quality, extensive breeding and management, good adaptability, strong resistance to adversity, and diversity of groups.

To promote Yunnan province scale aquaculture, livestock and poultry for engineering, quality and safety engineering, grassland protection engineering, machining efficiency, special breeding project, the implementation of the "six big projects" Yunnan construction into China's important evergreen grassland stockbreeding, ecological YunMu into the national and the world will have an advantage, have an effect, competitive strategy of green brand. China (Kunming) international livestock  fair  will be held in Kunming international convention and exhibition center .

The planned indoor and outdoor exhibition area of this "livestock exhibition" is about 30,000 square meters, with 3 standard exhibition halls and 1 multi-functional exhibition hall, and more than 1,500 booths are planned. This year's "livestock expo" continues to build "smart livestock expo" with the help of mobile Internet technology to promote accurate connection between exhibitors and visitors;Continue to enrich the "China livestock week" series of activities, in-depth mining "livestock expo" connotation;Close response to the national policy, highlight the environmental protection treatment exhibition area and brand livestock products exhibition area planning and publicity effect;Improve the level of internationalization, promote the exchange and interaction between the two major markets at home and abroad;Detailed exhibition service management, optimize the on-site experience of exhibitors. 


Product Categories:
  • Domestic and overseas breeding of livestock and poultry, commercial livestock and poultry (pig, poultry, cattle, sheep, rabbit, deer, camel, fur animals, special breeding, etc.) and production means.Veterinary drugs, vaccines, animal health products and veterinary drugs production, processing, packaging machinery, equipment, materials, veterinary equipment, etc.
  • feed (feed raw materials, feed additives, additive pre-mixed feed, concentrated feed, compound feed, special feed, etc.), feed processing machinery equipment and accessories, feed quality testing equipment, microcomputer control system and software and hardware, feed formulation technology, feed technology, etc.
  • Animal husbandry production and breeding related machinery, equipment, apparatus, utensils, engineering, etc. (feeding equipment, ventilation equipment, temperature control equipment, environmental control equipment, standardized breeding plant design and engineering construction).
  • Grass industry and its deep processing products (grass powder, grass particles), grass seed, grass machinery, grass technology, etc.
  • High-quality animal products (meat, eggs, milk, plush skin products and products);Animal products processing and refrigeration equipment, traceability system, food safety testing equipment.
  • Achievements in animal husbandry science and technology (new products, new technologies, new achievements, patented products, etc.)
  • Biomass energy (biomass energy utilization technology, equipment, etc.)
  • Packaging and transportation (livestock and poultry production materials, packaging machinery and related transportation equipment, such as feed transport vehicle, breeding pig, poultry transport vehicle, etc.)
  • Comprehensive animal husbandry services (information, media, software, technology, consulting, finance, insurance, training, labor clothing, etc.)
  • National core breeding farm, standardized demonstration livestock and poultry farm, top 100 outstanding animal husbandry enterprises and national professional farmer cooperatives




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China Kunming International Livestock Fair
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