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China Textile Printing

From April 08, 2020 09:00 until April 10, 2020 18:00


China Textile Printing


China Textile Printing

Whether you want to demonstrate your product portfolio, launch a new product, increase your brand awareness, or simply generate sales leads, CHINA TEXTILE PRINTING is the exhibition where you can achieve your company goals.


9 reasons to attend the exhibition

☆ Large scale, high level, on behalf of the latest industry development trend
☆ Concurrently held with CHINA INTERDYE and share same downstream visitors, Expected total exhibition area 40,000 sq.m. and more than 20,000 visitors/person-times
☆ CTP/ CID Brand Advantages attract more industry professionals
☆ Rich industry forums and activities upgrade the exhibition level
☆ Authoritative media reports and promotion at home and abroad
☆ Providing chances of zero-distance contacts with professional global buyers
☆ At present, the Asia Pacific region accounted for more than half of the global textile printing volume, as the great power of textile printing, China is your biggest potential market
☆ Integration of Industrial chain and a perfect B2B platform for the interaction of supply and demand
☆ Professional industry organizers and experienced project team

Product Category:

1. Digital Printing Technologies

Fully Automatic Printing Machine, Semi-Automatic Printing Machine, Manual Printing Machine, Plate-Making Equipment, Digital Jet Printing System, Integrated Computer System of Inkjet Screen, Mixing Equipment, Dyeing, and Finishing Equipment, etc.

2. Printing and Dyeing Automation Technologies

Automatic Mixing, Dyeing and Auxiliaries Distribution, Online Monitoring and Automatic Control for Main Parameters of Printing and Dyeing Equipment, Network Monitor System for The Whole Process of Printing and Dyeing Production, Efficient Digital Printing Integration Technology, etc.

3. Printing Materials

Special Inkjet Printing Dye, Thermosetting Ink, Printing Rubber Paste, Printing Auxiliaries, Resin, Printing Coating, Printing Paste, Adhesives, Printing and Dyeing Auxiliaries, Digital Ink for Textile and Garment, etc.

4. Others

Environmental Protection Equipment and Related Technology Products, Computer Color Separation Plate-Making Systems, Computer Color Matching, Silk Screen, Photosensitive Glue, Heat Transfer, Water Transfer Printing Equipment and Materials, Textile Printing Related Patents, Technology and Software, etc.

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