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Taipei International Photography & Media Equipment Exhibition

From September 27, 2019 10:00 until September 30, 2019 18:00

Taipei International Photography And Media Equipment Exhibition

Taipei International Photography And Media Equipment Exhibition is a 4-day event being held in Taipei, Taiwan. This event showcases product from Photography & Imaging industry. This international exhibition will prove to be beneficial for photographers of contemporary times. They can have a conversation with the photographic equipment manufacturers and suppliers. At the same time, they can get familiar with various kinds of audiovisual equipment, Photographic Equipment, and Digital Printing. Taipei International Photography And Media Equipment Exhibition will showcase latest and advanced Photographic Equipment, Digital Printing, Moisture-proof Technology, Electronics, digital photography and audiovisual equipment. This expo will draw the attention of the photographers by displaying this equipment, technology, and products and services related to the field of photography and by bringing forward the innovations which are taking place in this sector.


Authoritative Photography Event

This event is proud to be organized by Taipei Photographic Supplies Commercial Association for more than 20 years. It is also a pure photography / digital-related event in the industry. Furthermore, Chan Chao has combined with a strong appeal and creative exhibition marketing to target the audience!

Emotional Appeal

We are proud to present the first launch of the electronic exhibition with a flexible and creative style. It also has numbers of digital-related activities which blend with the professional base and deepen inner feelings.

Integration of Industry Trends

Combined Taiwan Outdoor Show during the same exhibition period and area in order to build the trend of the digital industry through the double exhibition. It is also to emerge other business to have more opportunities to promote the new trend of outdoor product through the digital industry.


Product Categories:
  • 【Major Brand】 cameras and camcorders, etc.
  • 【Photographic Equipment】 lens, tripods, batteries, camera accessories, and long-range optics, etc.
  • 【Photographic Accessories】 storage media and external hard drive, etc.
  • 【Audio / Video Related Equipment】 camcorders, microphones and audio equipment, etc.
  • 【Software】 imagine processing software, etc.
  • 【Supplies】 scanners and printers, etc.
  • 【Image Display Device】 video screens, monitors, frames and albums, etc.
  • 【Others】 photo books, magazines, and others.

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