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Far beyond printed words

Publishers at the  Beijing International Book Fair say cooperation and integration are the two words which describe the event that wrapped up.
At the event, 5,262 deals were struck, an increase of 4.9 percent compared with the figures in 2016.
The deals covered 3,244 Chinese titles that were sold or will be co-published overseas, says the fair's organizer.
The ratio of titles sold compared with titles bought was 1.6:1, meaning that China is now selling rights to more titles than it is buying.
The organizer also says that the rights relate to books on China's development, children's books, literature, education, economics, and philosophy.
Besides Western markets, the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative are also showing a greater interest in Chinese titles.
More than 300,000 visitors attended the fair.
Fan Jun from the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication, says more than 500,000 books were published in China in 2016. And the rights to 9,811 Chinese titles were sold overseas that year.
"Chinese publishers have more influence globally now," says Fan.
At the fair, 500 books in multiple languages were exhibited at a special booth. The books included those by President Xi Jinping and some from the China Book International program besides titles on advanced technology.


 Exhibition Scope

The content to be exhibited shall abide by the laws of the PRC and government decrees, and respect the sovereignty and territory integrity of the PRC. Exhibitors shall not exhibit, distribute, broadcast or project materials not related to cultural exchange, book trade and publicizing their own image. The exhibitions may include:
(1) Books, Newspapers, Periodicals and relevant publications since 2018
(2) Multi-media Publications, Cartoon & Animation, Software, Digital Solution and relevant equipment
(3) Printing Solutions and related products
(4) Stationery and Gifts

 Main Services

(1) The fair will provide exhibitors with the exhibiting area and matched facilities.
(2) The BIBF Directory with exhibitors’ information and Booklet of Seminars & Events specially published during the fair.
(3) The organization committee will publicize the fair and exhibitors, and organize press reports on the fair.
(4) The fair will provide exhibitors with venues and facilities to give technical seminars.
(5) The fair will provide exhibitors with advertising banners on the BIBF website ( as well as opportunities for advertisement in the Directory, Booklet of Seminars & Events and at the fairground (Please refer to Part F).
(6) The fair will establish a Rights Center with rights tables and Private Offices.

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