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China International Nuclear Power Equipment Exhibition

From October 17, 2019 09:00 until October 19, 2019 18:00
At Beijing - China International Exhibition Centre Address: 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096

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About This Exhibition

This Exhibition, lasting three days, was hosted by CMIF and CSPE and undertaken by CES and Beijing Qidi Exhibit Service Co., Ltd. It provided a good platform for international exchange and cooperation of nuclear power, attracting numerous nuclear power providers, equipment manufacturers, and investors at home and abroad. Its scale and number of exhibitors had made a record level. The venue is covering a total area of 10,000 square meters, and totally more than 200 enterprises and scientific research institutions attended this exhibition from such 15 nations and regions as China, US, Russia, and Japan. The 50 well-known foreign manufacturers including Alston electric power, IMI Nuclear(CCI)Neway, Germany AT, Fisher Valve, S&S Valve, Bray, Hoppecke, AEG, ASME, ABS, Bureau, Trattoria Group, Actuant, HIOKI, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

This Exhibition has played a great role in boosting and promoting China’s nuclear power business     

It was reported that the China Nuclear Power Industry Equipment Exhibition was initiated in 2007, and once every year since then. With the development of China’s nuclear power business, this Exhibition has played a great role in boosting and promoting China’s nuclear power business. It is recognized as a large-scale and more influential specialized one and becomes an important platform for world nuclear enterprises to show their achievements, strength, product promotion, exchange experience, and cooperation promotion. AS an important constituent part of world energy, nuclear power is concerned by more and more countries in its clean and efficient advantages.


China has made considerable progress in the peaceful use of nuclear energy

Over 20 years of development, China has made considerable progress in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and its nuclear industry ushers in a new rapid development stage and becomes an important foundation of speeding up equipment manufacturing industry—a strategic industry. The nuclear power mid-and-long term development target in the National Nuclear Long-and-Medium Term Development Planning unveiled at the end of October 2007 that by, nuclear operating installed capacity will get to 400 million kilowatts, annual nuclear power output comes to 2,60—2,80 billion kilowatt-hours and newly operated nuclear-installed capacity will be around 230 million kilowatts. In addition, considering follow-up development, the nuclear power capacity under construction will keep at 180 million kilowatts or so by the end of. The large-scale advanced pressurized water reactors and high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power station are listed in the 16 major national sci-tech special projects in the Outline of the National Program for Long-and Medium-term Scientific and Technological Development. So nuclear power is of self-evident importance.  


Renewable energy sources, nuclear power, and energy-saving technology have been developed by all states actively

Currently, the financial crisis impacts the world economy. All national governments are striving for energy independence at the time thinking highly of rescuing the economy. Renewable energy sources, nuclear power, and energy-saving technology have been developed by all states actively. In China, a wide consensus has been reached for nuclear power construction beneficial to energy structure adjustment and a guarantee of energy supply and safety. Moreover, nuclear power is also an important investment direction to keep China’s economic growth in the crisis of international finance. So much focus on China’s development of nuclear power from a 4000-billion yuan investment plan issued in last year to this year’s 580-billion yuan electric power investment plan as well as the equipment manufacturing industry promoting plan adopted recently.       

Here records the developing history of the China Nuclear Power Industry Equipment Exhibition. You can understand our exhibition of aspects.

Product Categories: 
1. Nuclear Island

Reactor and its cooling system, reactor core fuel, nuclear fuel components, pressure regulators, reactor internal components, reactor pressure vessels, control pump drive mechanism, steam generators, reactor coolant pumps, closed-shell, ECCS. 

2. Conventional Island

Turbine generators, steam turbines, power generators, transformers, condensers, moisture and water separation reheaters, blades, instrument control, insulation materials, air-conditioning systems, nuclear air cleaning and ventilation filter equipment, application of bio-engineering in the reactor control, numerical control system software qualification, data collection system of completed nuclear power plants and other system renovation, electrical system, wires and cables and bridges, buses, novel emergency power supply system, novel high-voltage equipment, transmission and distribution equipment, nuclear power paint, nuclear batteries, nuclear power paint, all kinds of pipes, pumps and valves, pressure vessels, hangers, nuclear grade graphite, computer-aided design in nuclear power plants and the computerization document management, welding, machining, heat treatment and assembly technology, engineering machinery and special tools. 

3. Operation and Maintenance Facilities 

Inspection equipment, equipment maintenance robot, nuclear accident emergency communication devices, nuclear equipment standardization plan, URD and EURD series development of NPP, nuclear safety protection equipment and materials

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