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China International Environmental Protection Industry Exhibition

From July 24, 2019 09:00 until July 26, 2019 17:00
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China (Beijing) international environmental protection industry exhibition will showcase the latest products

China (Beijing) international environmental protection industry exhibition will showcase the latest products in environmental protection industry and the application and technology, for enterprises to establish brand image, promote trade cooperation, market development, leading the industry trend, strengthen the production, research and development, sales, interactive, in-depth insight into the fresh air to the market's future development at home and abroad, with the development of the future vision mining environmental protection new demand of the market, innovation exhibition connotation, all-around, multi-level organize professional audiences, to enterprises and the customers provide technical exchanges the best platform, product display, and trade negotiation.


At the same time

At the same time, many technical seminars and activities such as "international environmental protection exchange seminar" will be held to invite domestic and foreign experts and representatives to come to interact and exchange, discuss the development trend of the industry, and share their own experience and achievements.


The detailed information and data of participating in the exhibition

With an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, the exhibition attracted more than 600 enterprises from all over the world, and 41,829 people from 58 countries and regions visited the exhibition,According to the survey of exhibitors' information by the organizing committee after the exhibition, 86% of the exhibitors are satisfied with the exhibition effect of this exhibition, 81% of the exhibitors have a strong interest in participating in the next exhibition again, and 77% of the exhibitors think that this exhibition has greater advantages compared with other exhibitions. According to the survey of audience information, 83% of the audience expressed their willingness to recommend the exhibition to business partners or colleagues, and 76% of the audience said they would visit the annual exhibition. We firmly believe that the next exhibition will be better and better through the joint efforts of exhibitors and organizations.


Environmental monitoring instruments and equipment exhibition area

Environmental monitoring instruments and equipment exhibition area: continuous automatic monitoring system for environmental water quality;Automatic on-line monitoring system for wastewater;Continuous automatic monitoring system for ambient air;Automatic on-line monitoring system for waste gas;Radioactivity, noise, vibration, light and heat meters and continuous automatic monitoring systems;Laboratory analytical equipment;Environmental pollution accident emergency and portable monitoring equipment;Special instruments and equipment for sampling and monitoring water pollutants;Special instruments and equipment for gas pollutant sampling and monitoring;Data processing and transmission and other special monitoring instruments and equipment;Standard substances for monitoring and analysis;Chemical reagents, glassware and other experimental equipment;


Air governance technology and equipment exhibition area:

1.Air/waste gas purification equipment, ammonia removal and dust removal technology, desulfurization technology, harmful gas protection, industrial dust removal, and cleaning, vehicle exhaust treatment, ventilation equipment, cleaning equipment, photocatalyst, activated carbon, dust collection equipment/electric dust removal/bag dust removal, etc.

2.Desulfurization technology and equipment: dry and semi-dry desulfurization technology and equipment;Wet desulfurization technology and equipment;Technology and equipment for seawater desulfurization;PAFP method, electron beam method technology and equipment;Chemical desulfurization technology and equipment for coal-fired boilers;Technology and equipment for metallurgical ore, catalytic cracking and desulfurization;Desulfurization technology and equipment for gas, natural gas, petroleum, diesel, kerosene and other oil products in chemical refineries;

3. Denitration technology and equipment: selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process denitration technology and equipment, choose a catalyst reduction (SNCR) method that denitration technology and equipment, adsorption denitration technology and equipments, plasma activation method denitration technology and equipment, biochemical method denitration technology and equipment, air classification burning denitration technology and equipment, furnace reduction (IFNR) denitration technology and equipment;

4.Auxiliary technologies and equipment for desulfurization and denitrification: circulating fluidized bed equipment, separator, stirrer, heat exchanger, various nozzles, pumps, valves, pipes and pipe accessories, actuators, anticorrosive coatings, anticorrosive materials and equipment, lining and outer coatings, desulfurizers, denitrifiers.

5.Desulfurization and denitrification control system and related software;

6.Dust removal technology and equipment: mechanical dust removal technology and equipment, electrostatic dust removal technology and equipment (ESP), bag dust removal technology and equipment, wet dust removal technology and equipment, air filtration technology and equipment;

7.Waste gas purification equipment: industrial waste gas treatment, lampblack purification equipment, acid mist purifier, tail gas treatment device, icp, deodorization equipment stench governance, exhaust adsorption device, organic waste gas treatment, welding smoke purification, dust exhaust odor treatment, acid and alkali waste gas treatment, waste gas treatment, paint mist purification, dehumidifier, fetor and harmful toxic gas purification equipment and so on;

8.Waste gas treatment solutions, waste gas treatment engineering equipment, etc.

9.Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) treatment technology and equipment;

10. Dust and smoke monitoring and testing instruments;

11. Treatment of motor vehicle exhaust; 

Water and sewage treatment exhibition area:

1.Water and sewage treatment: mechanical and physical treatment process, separation system, mixing harrow, sieve filter, filter.

2.Complete equipment and membrane for water treatment: membrane and membrane components, drinking water/terminal water purification, industrial water, complete equipment for sewage treatment, recycling of reclaimed water, desalination and utilization of seawater.

3.Water supply/drainage and sewer (pump valve): water supply equipment, pump and lift systems, pipes/pipes, valves/fittings, ventilation shafts/special structures/technologies, new sewer construction, modernization of sewer system, sewer inspection, sewer cleaning, sewer leakage inspection, water pipe cleaning.

4.Rainwater collection and utilization/flood control: rainwater collection storage tank and accessories, rainwater overflow tank, rainwater storage tank, rainwater sedimentation tank, rainwater storage tank cleaning system, irrigation, and drainage machinery, disaster prevention, and relief equipment.

Air purification and fresh air system exhibition area:

1. Air purification products: air purifier (household and commercial), filter (machine), switch;Oxygen machine, oxygen bar fresh machine, sterilizing and deodorizing machine, air fragrance machine, anion/oxygen generator, vacuum cleaner, decoration (formaldehyde) elimination machine, indoor pollution prevention products, lampblack purifier (machine); Air conditioning and duct cleaning equipment;

2. Air optimization products: activated carbon, bamboo charcoal, photocatalyst, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, and other scavengers; Dehumidifier, dryer, humidifier, etc.

3. Air treatment equipment: waste gas treatment/recycling equipment, organic waste gas purification and recycling device, aerobic and anaerobic treatment device, etc.;Acid fog purification tower;Automobile exhaust treatment: oil mist purifier, coil (automobile exhaust absorption and purification);Welding smoke purifier, dust collector, oil mist purifier, universal flexible suction arm, polishing dust removal table, high vacuum dust purifier and other products;

4, ventilation and exhaust: fresh air unit, ventilator, blower, new fan, ventilator, fan coil, tuyere, air duct, air displacer, transfer box \ window and other ventilation equipment and products;

5. Testing instruments: formaldehyde, temperature and humidity, sampler, particle counter, benzene, TVOC, dust detector, air volume hood, etc.;◆ environmental control: environmental protection air conditioning/central fresh air system, central dust collection, ventilation equipment, exhaust fan, air curtain, etc.

6. Others: testing and certification institutions, key laboratories, scientific research institutions, management units, new product technologies, new achievements transformation, etc.;


Soil governance and rehabilitation exhibition area:

site investigation and assessment, site health risk assessment, site remediation technology research and development, site remediation equipment development, site remediation project operation and management, site remediation process monitoring and service, site remediation project contracting, etc.

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