China International Natural Food and Beverage Expo 2024

China International Natural Food and Beverage Expo
From May 09, 2024 until May 11, 2024
Qingdao - 青岛世界博览城, Shandong, China
(010) 84556517
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)


Learn the six highlights and plan your strategies ahead! Find out more about the NHNE. How can super raw materials be used efficiently? How can it be combined with modern technology? How can it be used more efficiently? You will find the answer in the Super Ingredients Conference's chapter on product solutions. Guangzhou NHNE exhibitor list and conference spoilers, including booth map! Prepare your strategy and purchase exhibition tickets ahead of time! . Top 10 Trends for 2023 Global nutritionists are leading the way! Guangzhou will be opening a new store in December! . Review of the year Gun Cargill, Nestle and DuPont... solutions to reduce sugar in food from major companies. FiSA Innovation Award 2019 was announced. A weathervane for natural health food ingredients. Can China's "medicine and food come from the same source", which is advantageous, create the future of new drinks? ? . Which are the most popular health ingredients among Chinese elderly? .

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Reed Sinopharm is hosting the China International Natural Food and Beverage Expo. Reed Sinopharm is dedicated to creating an excellent platform for trade cooperation in the high-end natural food and beverage industry. The Expo aims to promote domestic and international food producers, processors, traders and manufacturers of related processing equipment. Exchanges and cooperation are encouraged to help develop the vast resources of domestic and international food markets.

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Qingdao - 青岛世界博览城, Shandong, China Qingdao - 青岛世界博览城, Shandong, China


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