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World of Art Asia

From December 16, 2019 09:00 until December 18, 2019 18:00
Categories: Arts & Crafts, Education

World of Art Asia

World of Art Asia, initiated by the Guangdong provincial commercial federation and undertaken by running exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD., is the first time to hold a single industry exhibition in the field of aesthetic Art.

As a Chinese and foreign beauty products (Art) "being displayed, from communication, synchronization, competitive" cultural event, the World of Art Asia is committed to building an international beauty to the industry (Art) industry exchange platform, expand opening to the outside World of China and the United States (Art) industry, promote cooperation in the field of Chinese and foreign culture, carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, absorbing foreign advanced culture, rich Chinese and foreign consumers with consumer demand for products of diversified culture.

This expo set up four theme exhibitions (zones) around the art (art) industry, namely, Shanghai international art supplies exhibition, Shanghai international art book exhibition, Shanghai international art education exhibition, and Shanghai international art investment and trade exhibition. During the expo, the organizing committee will also take "communication and cooperation" as the main line to hold different content of the peak BBS, masters meeting, high-end art auction, and other activities.

In order to achieve the expected goal, the organizing committee secretariat will also provide the exhibitors, buyers, dealers, agents, and professionals with a full range of quality services throughout the process. Here, we sincerely welcome enterprises, institutions, social organizations and professionals in the field of American art at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition and promote all-around practical cooperation and win-win business opportunities through various forms of exchanges.

World of Art Asia

Product Categories:
  • Art supplies exhibition (area), mainly displaying Chinese and foreign art painting materials, painting tools, four treasures of the study, practice supplies, etc
  • Artbook exhibition (district), mainly displaying Chinese and foreign art books, publications, audio, and video products
  • Art (art) education exhibition (district), mainly exhibition of Chinese and foreign art education/training institutions, educational equipment/equipment, cultural travel/painting base, cultural innovation/art industry base, etc
  • Art investment and exchange exhibition (district), mainly displaying Chinese and foreign famous art galleries, art academy new style, ink painting and green painting, contemporary art/image/installation, ceramics and purple sand art, arts and crafts, folk art, natural history collection/antiques, intangible cultural heritage/quintessence of China, etc


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