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China Chongqing Professional Chothing and School Uniform Exposition 2019

From December 19, 2019 09:00 until December 21, 2019 18:00

China Chongqing Professional Chothing and School Uniform Exposition

With the rapid development and opening up of China's economy, people's aesthetic appeal gradually evolves, and different professional roles have different fashion needs. Nowadays, it is becoming a new fashion that elegant and comfortable clothes, which are led by professional white-collar, and dignified and fashionable. Professional wear is no longer confined to simple white shirts and black suits. Besides business work, more comfortable, casual and personalized elements should be integrated into costume design. Influenced by the market, the professional wear market is making great strides towards branding and internationalization. Especially in recent years, professional wear as a national culture in the enterprise continues to spread, the tone of dull and single uniform of labor insurance has not been satisfied with the modern professional dress style, the enterprise urgently needs to reflect the enterprise style, enhance enterprise cohesion, at the same time more perfect performance of the modern uniform. With the fair market competition and transparent and open procurement policies, clothing enterprises with high quality and diversity will have more opportunities to establish a brand image and occupy a market position in the market competition. At the same time, the continuous rise of tourism has also driven the development of hotels, hotels, entertainment, service and other industries, and also expanded the market of modern professional wear a broader space.

Product Categories:
  • administrative professional wear: medium and high-grade suits, business shirts, business jackets, business coats, etc.
  • professional tooling: anti-static work clothes, waterproof work clothes, radiation protective work clothes, oil protective work clothes, labor insurance clothes, etc.
  • Industry uniforms: government uniforms, law enforcement uniforms, aviation uniforms, hotel uniforms, security uniforms, medical uniforms, etc.
  • business casual wear: outdoor blazers, business t-shirts, business sweaters, business women's wear;
  • school uniform park clothing: kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school (including vocational high school), college uniforms for men and women • four seasons clothing, sportswear, etc.;
  • fabric: functional/sportswear fabric, workwear fabric, professional wear fabric, school uniform fabric, clothing fabric for doctors and nurses, etc.
  • accessories, accessories: buttons, zippers, lining, non-woven lining, chest cotton, collar lining, shoulder pads, leather goods, hats, scarves, badges, belts, etc.
  • high-end clothing customization: private tailored suits, school uniforms, garden wear, cheongsam, leather goods, wedding dress, high-end intelligent cutting and sewing equipment;
  • Other; Clothing design, clothing training institutions, clothing colleges, clothing publications, clothing media, etc.


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