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China (Shanghai) International School And Kindergarten Products Exhibition

From July 20, 2019 09:00 until July 22, 2019 18:00
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There will be a substantial increase in the number of preschool children in China

There will be a substantial increase in the number of preschool children in China. Data show that there will be more than 15 million school-age children in preschool education in the same year. The average annual expenditure of urban families in China on children's education accounts for 35.1% of the total expenditure of families, and the gap of kindergartens is estimated to be nearly 110,000. In recent years, the state has vigorously promoted the preschool education industry. The outline of the national program for medium - and long-term education reform and development clearly states that the penetration rate of preschool education should reach 85% nationwide. Attach importance to early childhood education. General continues to increase in the number of kindergarten resources, especially the demand for high-end kindergarten is bigger, in the face of early childhood education huge market demand, "China (Shanghai) international school and kindergarten products exhibition", institutions and enterprises docking platform for building garden, will focus on full display teaching preschool education industry research and development, product innovation.

The exhibition area of 20000 square meters, nearly 300 exhibitors showcase exhibition site a series of "preschool education at the forefront of technology and the concept of" domestic and foreign advanced teaching and learning items, such as preschool education, preschool education early education to join in, study smart products, kindergarten facilities, the kindergarten, kindergarten decorate a design, school supplies, educational toys, etc.,Numerous well-known brands at home and abroad brands involved water meters field education group, bear Mourinho, Kang, cage, bell GuSi mother, red, yellow, blue, off the porch, music library guest, hip kid, imagination, 51 talk English, martial arts, keener otto2, read a book, grace education, display their latest technology on the exposition, research results, to share the international cutting-edge technology of preschool education reform.

Product Categories:
  • Intelligent products for preschool education: electronic whiteboard, touch-all-in-one computer, multimedia interactive courses, projector, interactive cloud platform for preschool education, home co-education, APP software, and safety management software for children's education, kindergarten transfer system and monitoring facilities for kindergarten, tablet computer, etc.Intelligent children's education robot, somatosensitive interactive products, 3D interactive education products, AR\VR children's education products, children's interactive amusement products, and solutions, children's intelligent wearable products and children's safety intelligent products, children's programming education, children's STEAM education products, and courses, etc.
  • Early childhood education franchise: early education agencies, early childhood education centers, parent-child centers, early childhood education research and development institutions, early childhood education franchise chain agencies, early childhood education consulting agencies, international children's English training agencies, animation, and brand licensing agencies;
  • Learning products: kindergarten courses, early education courses, intellectual products, children's enlightenment products, sensory integration equipment, children's books, early education products, animation products, children's products, etc.Kindergarten books, picture books, children's publications, school bags, stationery, painting supplies, animation audio-visual products, botanical specimens, manual courses, game courses, scientific experiment courses, children's books, left-brain development textbooks, etc.
  • Kindergarten supporting facilities and categories: school bus, kindergarten furniture, desks and chairs, Musical Instruments, music classroom, outdoor slide, naughty castle, amusement machine, children's castle, baby carriage, rocking car, inflatable amusement equipment, children's game rack, swing, swing chair, rotary table, trampoline, seesaw, combination amusement toys, etc.
  • Kindergarten supplies: school bag, garden clothes, bedding, kindergarten tableware, children's meal bag, disinfection wet wipes, cleaning supplies, boiling water, water purifier, air purifier equipment, and campus fresh air system solutions
  • Kindergarten decoration and design: kindergarten environment design, all kinds of kindergarten plastic floor, floor mat and artificial lawn, etc.
  • Preschool education supplies categories: kindergarten books, dictionaries, periodicals, audiobooks, CDs/DVDs/CDs - Is, e-books, textbooks, pop-up books, picture books/CARDS, illustration, painting and coloring book, animated cartoons, movies, music, children's publications, painting supplies utensils, DIY, silly putty, animation, audio and video products, plant specimens, manual course, teaching AIDS and board games for children, children's digital music education, games, science experiment course, teaching material of left and right brain development, etc.;
  • Educational toys: building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, puzzle toys, corner toys, desktop toys, remote control toys, wooden toy simulation model;
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