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Shanghai International Franchise EXPO(SFE)-Autumn 2022

From March 29, 2022 until April 01, 2022

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The Shanghai International Franchise EXPO (SFE)

The Shanghai International Franchise EXPO (SFE) was founded in 2005. It is a professional exhibition of integrated business format and chain Franchise organized by the Shanghai Association of chain operation, an authoritative industry association and led by Shanghai commerce commission, a government department. It is an important platform to promote the development of chain Franchise industry and information interaction. As the oldest and most influential international professional chain exhibition in east China, SFE has always been committed to promoting the development of chain industry and providing investors with integrated information resources of the brand alliance, becoming an efficient bridge between high-quality chain brands and investors.

So far, SFE has accumulated more than 3,000 high-quality chain brands and multi-dimensional industry resources, spanning catering, service, education, retail, chain suppliers and service providers, commercial real estate and commercial supporting resources and other industries, covering more than 80 rich and diversified mainstream segmentation. Every exhibition, to the careful choice nowadays various forms the typical chain brand, through the brand site store type display, product and service experience, business model and investment trend interpretation, project presentation and roadshow, peak BBS, joining the public class activities in the form and to join the investors can quickly understand industry trends, insight into the brand successful model to match their investment plans, to find the right project


Product Categories:
1. international restaurant chain exhibition -- SFE's restaurant chain exhibition, covering the whole category of the catering industry, the scale and influence of the exhibition are second to none.

Range: Chinese fast food, special snacks, Chinese dinner, hot pot, barbecue, western food, Japanese and Korean cuisine, coffee, juice, tea, dessert, ice cream, light food, etc

2. New retail and service industry chain innovation exhibition -- under the consumption upgrading, new retail and service industry innovation rapid development, as a professional chain industry theme exhibition attracting investment attention, after 15 years of industry resources accumulation, to build a brand and tens of thousands of professional franchisees business exchange platform.
  • New retail chain innovation show
    Range: food retail • fresh/fruit • beauty products • maternal and child products • tobacco and alcohol • gift accessories • culture/cultural innovation • electronics store • clothing • household products • vending machines

  • Service chain innovation exhibition
    Scope: beauty, sports, fitness, car-washing, and care, dry cleaning, maternal and childcare, leisure and entertainment, hotel homestay, pet service, photography, children's paradise, wedding celebration, home decoration service

3. education industry chain exhibition - to dig into the vertical market segments, for the education and training industry investors to create a one-stop inspection platform. We will fully demonstrate the charm of the education and training industry, cultivate advanced educational investment concepts, and gather business elites and high-quality upstream and downstream resources of the industry.

Scope: enlightenment education, early education center, kindergarten, preschool care/class, maker education, robot education, children's music/art/dance training, children's English tutoring, extracurricular tutoring, online education, artificial intelligence, vocational training

4. Chain industry development resource exhibition -- gathering the top competitive resources of chain industry to provide a one-stop platform for business resource docking.

Scope: shops, store decoration, equipment, and raw materials, IT solutions, brand planning and marketing, financial services, human resources, logistics

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