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Guangzhou International Intelligent Equipment and Robot Expo

From June 22, 2019 09:00 until June 24, 2019 17:00

The wisdom "guangzhou fair" follows previous exhibition power is "accurate" advantage, keen to capture intelligent manufacturing industry forefront, in the "new smart, new ecological, kinetic energy, new age" as the theme, to promote industrialization and information fusion depth of intelligent manufacturing as the main line, with "Internet industry" as the core gripper, comprehensive connection industry cloud, big data, such as the Internet of things "made in China 2025" key emerging industries, highlighting intelligent manufacture, ecology, service docking "manufacturing power" and national "area" development strategy.
To promote the combination of traditional manufacturing process, wisdom "guangzhou fair" this year will be held during the exhibition grand "smart manufacturing top summit gave name boards top" recognition event, will display the "new four industrial base" intelligent product/solution typical practical cases, intelligent manufacturing leader/innovation advanced deeds and outstanding contribution of the characters, intelligent manufacturing patent top, smart idea, promote the industry practice, share the achievements of demonstration.
During the exhibition, a series of intelligent manufacturing industry economic and trade activities will be held, including the international intelligent factory thousand people conference, the global industrial Internet conference, the international intelligent economy and talent training summit BBS, and the on-site intelligent factory conference, to play a more active role in the "integration of the two industries", transformation and upgrading of the national manufacturing industry.
The exhibition area of "guangzhou intelligent expo" 2018 covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with two pavilions and four zones, namely, intelligent factory pavilion, industrial Internet ecological pavilion, intelligent equipment zone, intelligent robot zone, high-end equipment and key parts of robots zone, and high-end conference zone. In addition to the participation of high-tech enterprises such as intelligent equipment and key robots in previous exhibitions, the exhibition also keeps injecting "fresh blood" such as biological pharmacy and intelligent medical treatment to stimulate the new vitality of the industry.

Product Categories
  • Civil-military integration industrial zone
  • The unmanned factory exhibition area
  • Low-carbon environmental protection zone
  • Robot zone
  • The intelligent innovation exhibition area
  • Data machine and metal processing exhibition area



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