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Electrotest China

From August 26, 2020 09:00 until August 28, 2020 18:00
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Electrotest China is a professional exhibition and conference platform focusing on the display of electronic product testing technology, which completely displays the testing, measurement, inspection and analysis equipment and technology related to the design and manufacture of electronic products, leading the trend of test and measurement industry, and disseminating advanced factory management concepts and the latest industry technical information. The conference covers hot topics such as quality control, lean production, and automated testing and measurement technology.

The exhibition will attract core buyers from consumer electronics, communication electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics and other electronic manufacturing industries, deeply explore the needs of test industry buyers, and invite test purchasing and technical leaders.

Electrotest China will become your efficient and get accurate buyers innovation platform, here, you will be sent to you by online (website, WeChat, online business talks system) and offline (salon) exhibition, BBS, industry rich forms such as efficient business matching, help you to reach the accurate population, transmission test in the field of the latest solutions and setting up enterprise brand image.

Lead the development trend of the test and measurement industry, spread the advanced factory management concept and the latest industry technical information

Due to the development of electronic products towards refinement and miniaturization, and the consistently high requirements for product reliability in rail transit, automobile, communication and other industries, the requirements, and requirements for product quality testing and control in the electronic manufacturing industry are also constantly increasing.

China electronics manufacturing test technology exhibition is a professional exhibition and conference platform for displaying test technology of electronic products, leading the development trend of test and measurement industry, spreading advanced factory management concepts and the latest industrial technical information. It has attracted many industry leaders, such as Omron, Keysight, Teradyne and TRI, to fully demonstrate the testing, measurement, inspection, and analysis related to the design and manufacturing of electronic products. 

Product Categories:
  • visual inspection & image processing
  • material testing
  • electrical parameter measurement
  • non-electrical parameter measurement
  • functional test
  • Laboratory instruments & equipment
  • analysis and processing software & supporting equipment
  • Automotive and automotive electronic testing and measurement technology
  • testing and measurement technology of mobile phone and communication products
  • PCB testing and measurement technology
  • quality system certification and consulting service organizations

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