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Water Resources Shanghai

From June 03, 2020 until June 05, 2020
Categories: Environment & Waste


In his recent speech, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that, in order to face challenges of water scarcity, we must look to fundamentally change the way we use and manage water. To deal with this challenge, Water Enterprises Confederation is hosting the “Water Resources Shanghai, as part of WieTec expo platform. Along with raising the water conservancy awareness, the exhibition will focus on water management optimization, and on reinforcing the water conservancy industry regulations. China’s future water conservancy development is facing the severe challenge of keeping the balance between continuous economic growth and water resources and the protection of the dependent ecosystem. The visitors will get a chance to learn about the latest industry products and technologies. Moreover, this exhibition is an important water management industry networking event that focuses on topics such as water infrastructure construction, investment, and financing, latest national water conservancy policies and industry trends, and strategic transformation of water conservancy construction enterprises, etc. Water Resources Shanghai is especially beneficial for land managers, hydropower operators, conservation groups and corporations who will need to gather their forces to find a solution to today’s greatest water challenges.

Product Categories:
Water Conservancy Engineering Technologies and Equipment
  • Earth-Rock Excavation Machinery
  •  Earth-Rock Filling Machinery
  • Concrete Production Machinery
  • Concrete Transportation Machinery
  •  Concrete Pouring Equipment
  •  Engineering Materials
  •  Hole Digging Equipment
  •  Others
Water Conservancy Facilities Technologies and Equipment
  • Water Power Generation Equipment
  • Electromechanical Equipment
  • Others
Soil and Water Conservation Products and Technologies
  • Soil and Water Conservation Program Development
  • Soil and Water Conservation Monitoring
  • Soil and Water Conservation Acceptance and Evaluation
Water Environment Management Products and Technologies
  •  River and Lake Desilting and Dredging
  • Water Ecological Monitoring
  • River and Lake Water Ecological Restoration
  • Sponge City
  • Others
Flood Control and Drought Resistance Equipment and Technologies
  • Flood Prevention
  • Drought Resistance
  • Emergency, Disaster Reduction, and Rescue Equipment
  •  Others
Water Saving Products and Technologies
  •  Agricultural Water Saving
  •  Industrial Water Saving
  •  Urban Water Saving
  •  Others
Rural Supply and Discharge Technologies and Solutions
  • Centralized
  •  Decentralized
  •  Oxidation Pond
  •  Constructed Wetland Technology
  •  Others

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