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China International Stainless Steel Industry Exhibition

From December 03, 2020 09:00 until December 05, 2020 18:00

The development of infrastructure construction and high-end equipment manufacturing has brought new opportunities for the stainless steel industry to expand the market

With the continuous improvement of the residents' living standards, the potential for ultra-large-scale domestic demand has been continuously released. The development of infrastructure construction and high-end equipment manufacturing has brought new opportunities for the stainless steel industry to expand the market. Therefore, the association will co-host  China International Stainless Steel Industry Exhibition (referred to as “China Stainless Steel Exhibition”) and the  Shanghai International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition (abbreviated as “Shanghai Metallurgy Exhibition”) together with numerous industry associations/societies. The exhibition will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

The China Stainless Steel Exhibition was derived from the Shanghai International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition held in the same period. It originated in 1986 and now has a history of 32 years. The last exhibition was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It was attended by 368 exhibitors covering steel and metallurgy, metal materials, and stainless steel enterprises. The exhibition area was 25,000 square meters in 3 days. At the time, a total of 12,633 professional visitors were visited. In addition, 10 industry forums, including the Summit Forum on Internet+Steel Enterprise Business Management and the Second Steel Pipe Industry Chain Development and Application Conference, were held during the same period.
With the continuous development of the Shanghai Metallurgical Exhibition, stainless steel enterprises have been participating in the increasing year by year.  we upgraded the stainless steel section into a professional theme exhibition so that more targeted publicity and promotion can be applied to business buyers in the industry. The  China Stainless Steel Exhibition will focus on the whole industry chain of raw materials, production, deep processing, and products. It will also be accompanied by a number of special events (special trade conferences, special conferences, theme exchanges, etc.) to build a stainless steel industry. Purchaser supplier exchange platform to discuss purchasing experience, order planning, and procurement requirements, sharing successful experiences and solutions.

China International Stainless Steel Industry Exhibition

Product Categories:
  • Stainless steel raw materials:Nickel, chromium, molybdenum, stainless steel scrap;
  • Raw material processing equipment:Balers, shears, briquetting machines; 
  • Stainless steel production equipment:Smelting, Casting, Rolling, Annealing, Pickling, Surface Treatment, Leveling; Production Process Automation Control, Inspection Technology, and Instrumentation; Stainless Steel Production Auxiliary Equipment and Supplies, Spare Parts; 
  • Stainless steel products:Various stainless steel plates, pipes, wires, wires, bars, profiles; various stainless steel packaging materials; 
  • Stainless steel processing equipment:Cutting, stamping, sheet metal processing equipment, laser cutting and welding equipment, surface processing (coloring, corrosion, polishing, embossing), welding, hardware tools, various molds; 
  • Stainless Steel Products:Pipes, valves, flanges, connectors, seals, protective covers; hardware, kitchen utensils, decorative products, chemical equipment, auto parts, etc.。

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