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Beijing International Children's Out-Of-School Education And Products Exhibition

From October 24, 2019 05:15 until October 26, 2019 07:15
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Beijing International Children's Out-Of-School Education And Products Exhibition

Off-campus education is an important part of the healthy growth of children

Off-campus education is an important part of the healthy growth of children. The extensive development of off-campus education is conducive to the overall improvement of children's innovation ability, the edification of their sentiments and overall improvement of children's comprehensive quality. For active promotion of school education, and promote the healthy development of teenager children quality education, approved by the state ministry of commerce, by the China international trade center co., LTD., Beijing north and south exhibition co., LTD., jointly organized by Beijing international children's education and product exhibition, outside in Beijing. The national agriculture exhibition hall, exhibition and customer education, children education robot, camp education, special education, new media education, popular science education for children, children's health education and education related to the product, to participate in school education exhibition, sharing off-campus education opportunity


Basic exhibition data

The exhibition area is 12,000 square meters, an increase of 82% compared with the previous one. The number of exhibitors increased by 17% (160 last year); There were 3,631 professional visitors to the exhibition, an increase of 23.6% (2,937 in the previous year). Completed the intended turnover of 76.32 million yuan (RMB) at the exhibition site, with the turnover increasing by 42%; Professional audiences highly recognized after-school education for children, maker education products and BBS activities during the same period of the exhibition


Display content

1. Special education courses for children

  • Robotics education (robotics courses, robotics training, etc.)
  • Art education (piano, chess, book, painting, music dance skills training, art courses, and products);
  • Wisdom education (English training, happy mathematics, thinking training, speech eloquence, emotional intelligence, financial intelligence, inverse intelligence, frustration education, etc.);

2. Maker education

  • Technology and exploration: STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics); Robotics education;
  • Maker education platform (maker education laboratory; Maker space;3D printing equipment and application;3d design system and application; VR, AR, and other applied technologies);
  • Maker education products (science courses, DIY products, electronic building blocks, handmade products, etc.);
  • Maker education achievements (juvenile and child maker education achievements, etc.);

3. Robot education

  • Robot product display;
  • Robotics courses and training;
  • Robot programming and competitions;

4. Camp education

  • Field development (competitive sports, rock climbing, hiking, adaptive training base, etc.);
  • Moral education (patriotic base, red education base, traditional culture education base, etc.);
  • Culture and art (qin, chess, calligraphy, painting, music dance, drama, animation education base, etc.);
  • Traditional culture (traditional Chinese culture, intangible cultural heritage education base, etc.);
  • Popular science education (aviation, navigation, scientific exploration, science popularization, and other base education);
  • Theme education (military education, meteorological education, handwork experience, farming, and other education bases)

5. New media education

  • Network education (network distance education, digital classroom, home-school interactive platform, digital campus, etc.);
  • Film and television education (children's 3D films, children's microfilms, children's animated dramas, cartoon dramas, etc.);
  • E-readers (educational electronic products, digital products, e-bags, various e-learning products, etc.);
  • Animation games (animation products, game products, digital entertainment products, game animation software, etc.)
  • Other new media (children's mobile phone, children's learning software, children's public welfare publicity, etc.).

6. Popular science education

  • Science courses (science courses, popular science picture books, scientific experimental equipment, handmade, etc.);
  • Popular science products (popular science products, various animal and plant models (specimens), telescopes, microscopes, and other scientific observation products);
  • Popular science books (astronomy and geography popular science books, natural science popular science books, popular science art, popular science education,
  • Popular science knowledge website, popular science game software, popular science tourism, etc.
  • Scientific and technological inventions (magic products, new environmental inventions, etc.)

7. Health education

  • Good health (various fitness training programs such as ball games, roller skating, and boxing);
  • Mental health (adverse psychological correction, mental health counseling, etc.);
  • Fitness products (fitness cars, sports equipment, fitness products, etc.);
  • Emergency education (escape education and equipment, emergency education and products, safety education and training, etc.);
  • Children's insurance institutions (health and growth insurance, education insurance, accident insurance, etc.);

8. Educational supplies

  • Children's books and electronic publications;
  • School supplies, anti - myopia supplies and so on.


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