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Beijing International Fishery Expo

From November 03, 2020 09:30 until November 03, 2020 18:00


Beijing International Fishery Expo


China is a major producer

China is a major producer, trade and consumer of fishery in the world. The total amount of aquatic products ranks first in the world for 18 consecutive years. The huge consumption market and potential of aquatic products attract the high attention of the world fishery industry. For a comprehensive study and implement the 19th conference spirit, to promote transformation and upgrading of fisheries, speed up the formation of new pattern of modern fishery development, the Chinese fishery association, China association of aquatic circulation and processing, leisure fishing association of China, the fishery association hosted in Beijing, the letter trump international exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD., to undertake "China Beijing international fisheries exposition" (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing fishery expo") will be held in Beijing, China international exhibition center.


With the theme of "expanding regional cooperation on brand development of consumer safety supply"

With the theme of "expanding regional cooperation on brand development of consumer safety supply", Beijing fishery fair comprehensively displays new products, new technologies and new achievements of China's fishery development, centering on the three exhibition contents of aquatic products and processing, fishery breeding and equipment, modern fishery and recreational fishery. Relying on the huge market demand of fishery and aquatic products in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the developed cold chain logistics network, Beijing fishery fair has developed rapidly in recent years, and has become the most authoritative gathering of fishery industry in China, and the best platform for fishery enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets. It is expected that the exhibition area will be 40,000 square meters, with more than 500 exhibitors.


The exhibition scope

1. All kinds of aquatic products and aquatic processing products: fresh products, frozen products, dry products; Minced fish and minced fish products, canned fish, aquatic condiments; All kinds of aquatic food, aquatic leisure food, aquatic nutrition, and health products.

2. Fishery equipment: aquaculture, fishing, preservation, freezing, storage, and transportation, processing and packaging equipment.

3. Fishery species, feed, fishery drugs: high-quality aquatic seedlings and fishery species breeding technology and equipment; Aquatic feed and additives; Aquatic disease control, fishery medicine, diagnosis and pathology control technology, inspection and quarantine equipment and technology, aquaculture management technology.

4. Aquatic crafts: seawater pearls, freshwater pearls, cultured pearls; Red coral, coral treasure, coral deserve to act the role of and all sorts of handicraft that shell, armor gram animal processing makes, adornment.

5. Consulting, certification, logistics services, and related technical materials, books, audio and video products, etc.

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