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Guangzhou International Truck Expo

From October 13, 2020 until October 15, 2020
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The logistics industry is the artery system of the national economy and the basic and strategic industry supporting economic development. It connects all sectors of the economy and makes it an organic whole. Its development degree has become one of the important symbols to measure the modernization degree and comprehensive national strength of a country. As one of the most important logistics tools, trucks transport about 75% of all kinds of goods in our life and production, and about 90% in the United States and Europe. Therefore, trucks can most sensitively reflect the changes in national economic content.
China's truck industry is now in a period of rapid development. With the continuous development of society and economy and the introduction of relevant national policies on the truck industry, the truck industry has become the first industry to benefit from the construction of road, railway and other infrastructure projects in China. The implementation of national macro-control policies, road and railway construction, modern logistics industry, energy emission reduction projects and livelihood projects will certainly bring new development opportunities to the truck industry, which is closely related to the national economic construction.

Product Categories
  • ◆ trucks: heavy truck, medium truck, light truck, micro truck, long head truck, flathead truck, full trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer tractor, container transport vehicle;
  • Mixer exclusive cars, vans, tank truck, for trucks, refrigerated trucks, dump truck, mining truck, crane lifting cars, the city sanitation vehicles, electric sanitation vehicles, bulk cement truck, special vehicles, mail trucks, vans, car and ballproof car, police and special transport vehicles, repair car, fire engine, a variety of rescue vehicle, medical vehicles, emergency logistics vehicles, emergency command, CangShan type car, airports, ports, docks, aerospace, special structure and other special automobile, etc.
  • ◆ new energy trucks: natural gas vehicles, pure electric logistics vehicles, new energy and environmental protection technology, gas engine, hybrid power, fuel cell, hydrogen fuel all kinds of new energy vehicles and related supporting products.
  • ◆ manufacturing and maintenance technical equipment: industrial control automation, industrial automation application technology, satellite navigation, and vehicle safety management, machine tools and automotive processing equipment, maintenance equipment, and maintenance testing equipment, lubricating grease, automotive supplies, etc.
  • Parts: diesel engine, transmission, fuel pump, chassis, axle, bearing, tires, wheels, TPMS system, load and container, air conditioning, chairs, reversing/booster, tail plate and loading and unloading platform, all kinds of hydraulic parts, ABS and airbag, compressor, gear, car body parts, springs, radiator, evaporator, refrigeration equipment, muffler, steering, brake pads, brake, filter, industrial paper, electric products, engine parts, clutch, battery, truck modification technology and equipment, logistics transportation system, GPS system and dispatching system, etc.

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Pablo Espinoza

Will you have an online visit option?

Pablo Espinoza
Online Visit
Will you have and online visit option??
please give me the liste of exhibitors at the show
Truck Fair
May I know will this fair be held on this coming Oct 2020. If yes pls advise how to apply for visit . I have Cantos Fair pass, can this be apply ?
Iain Shields

I need to get two tickets for the Truck Fair please.

Iain Shields


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