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Leviosa International Motor Show Hong Kong

From December 14, 2019 09:30 until December 19, 2019 18:00
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Leviosa International Motor Show Hong Kong


Leviosa International Motor Show Hong Kong

The Leviosa international motor show (LIMSHK) is Hong Kong's first major global automotive event and will be held at Asia world-expo. Well-known auto manufacturers from all over the world will have the opportunity to display new debut models as well as innovative technologies and components at one of the world's largest and future annual auto shows, which will enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness and promote the tourism industry by becoming a prominent tourism activity in Hong Kong every year.


The main theme of the first year of LEVIOSA is "jumping into the future". 

We hope to bring future automotive experiences to Asia by inviting top manufacturers to showcase their edge cutting technology at our auto shows. Visitors can find a variety of vehicles, including sports cars, concept cars, disposable cars, electric cars, and auto accessories, which are either newly manufactured or have become the leading brands in the market. They can also experience dynamic displays, self-driving technology, and have the opportunity to test drive.

Leviosa aims to create a platform for international automakers to meet with potential business partners in Asia and further advance the development of the Asian auto industry, creating a better future for all of us.


For the first time in its history, it presented its work with three design studios

In Hong Kong, there will be three beautiful cars, these cars will be launched. The designer studio that attracts them will be there to explain all the brilliant ideas behind their creations. This will be the first time in history that three studios will describe their work in the same event because up until now everyone has done it themselves.

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