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China International Pipeline Exhibition & Forum

From September 17, 2019 until September 19, 2019

China international exhibition of pipeline and BBS under Yu Zhongze international conference and exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD., founded in 2002, has now become the asia-pacific region within the host's oldest oil and gas storage and transportation, oil and gas field surface construction, chemical industry and other fields of oil and gas collection exhibition, high-end summit supply and demand negotiations, technology BBS, the purchase contract, and other activities in one integrated oil and gas industry professional event, the conference covers oil and gas engineering survey and mapping, design, procurement, construction, commissioning operation, maintenance and management, emergency repair complete oil and gas storage and transportation, refining, oil field such as engineering, etc. The whole industrial chain. 
Over the past 18 years, the pipeline conference has attracted officials from the national development and reform commission, the energy bureau, the ministry of land and resources, the ministry of industry and information technology, and the domestic provincial and municipal energy management government. Purchasing managers of energy giants such as PetroChina, Sinopec, cnooc, BP, total, Gazprom, Iran national petroleum corporation, Mexico national petroleum corporation, Petrobras of Brazil, ConocoPhillips, and Norway national petroleum corporation; The inclination of project personnel of each province gas company joins in. In addition, many professionals involved in oil product sales, local refineries, chemical companies, municipal engineering, LNG investment, coal enterprises, and other fields also visited the site to discuss procurement. By the end of the 10th China international pipeline conference 2018, the number of professional visitors has exceeded 110,000. In order to strengthen the technical and market information exchange between China's oil and gas pipeline network and the storage field, comprehensively enhance the effective communication and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises of oil and gas storage and transportation, strengthen the cross-field market development of enterprises in the international market and municipal administration, environmental protection, refining and other fields, and continuously promote the innovative development of China's energy and other infrastructure projects.

Product Categories

☆ special steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, resin, fiber, and other raw materials
☆ production and finishing equipment, processing tools and auxiliary equipment, transformation, and recovery equipment
☆ oil and gas transmission, municipal, boiler, power, communications, special USES, and other high and low-pressure pipe
☆ mouthpiece, beveling machine, hoisting, mobile power station, and other large construction machines and tools
☆ pipeline welding equipment and welding power supply, cutting equipment and auxiliary equipment
☆ welding materials, welding AIDS, thermal spraying, labor protection equipment and environmental protection equipment
☆ ultrasonic, ray, magnetic powder, eddy current, endoscopy, and other detection and detection equipment
☆ industrial television, industrial CT, pipeline crawler and other protective equipment and auxiliary equipment
☆ pipeline anticorrosion, insulation, fire technology materials, industrial cleaning equipment and materials
☆ compressor, gas turbine, fan, pump, valve, actuator, meter
☆ voltage regulating equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and other relevant station equipment
☆ SCADA, security warning, GIS, MIS, and other control and monitoring technology products
☆ electrical equipment, electrical wires, and cables, industrial explosion-proof, fire alarm technology products
☆ Marine, slurry pipeline technology equipment
☆ pipeline with pressure hole operation, pipeline repair and other maintenance technology and equipment
☆ pipeline construction and operation enterprises, design and research institutions, laboratories of colleges and universities

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