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China (Guangzhou) International New Energy, Energy Saving and Intelligent Automobile Exhibition

From September 11, 2019 until September 14, 2019


China (Guangzhou) international exhibition of new energy, energy-saving, and smart cars since founded in 2016

China (Guangzhou) international exhibition of new energy, energy-saving, and smart cars since founded in 2016, the central ministries, Guangzhou municipal government and support from various aspects, has successfully held three sessions, Guangzhou new energy smart auto show the degree of specialization, the exhibition scale, BBS, quality has been widely recognized in the industry, at present has become a new energy in south China has wide influence in the field of professional exhibitions.


China (Guangzhou) international exhibition on new energy

China (Guangzhou) international exhibition on new energy, energy conservation, and intelligent vehicles is the "Internet of everything, smart travel".The exhibition area is expected to exceed 40,000 square meters. Seven exhibition zones will be set up for the exhibition, including new energy passenger vehicles, new energy commercial vehicles, electric motor control system, energy storage battery, intelligent network connection, charging facilities and new energy-related components, so as to fully display the new trend of new energy vehicles and intelligent cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and innovative development.


This year's exhibition will set up seven exhibition areas

This year's exhibition will set up seven exhibition areas, and specially set up the theme exhibition area of ​​"Wanwu Internet, Smart Travel", integrating elements such as face recognition, future smart life, future experience, luxury new energy vehicles, etc., to create a future urban concept of energy-saving and environmental protection intelligence. At the same time, as an important automobile production base in the country, Guangzhou has always attached great importance to the development of the automobile industry, especially the new energy and intelligent network. That is why this year's auto show also will specially set up Guangzhou Zhilian New Energy Exhibition Area to fully display the key aspects of Guangzhou's vehicle and production.


China (Guangzhou) International New Energy, Energy Saving and Intelligent Automobile Exhibition by the numbers:
  • 10 000 professional visitors
  • 200 exhibitors
  • 40 000 square meters of exhibition area
Key products to be presented:
  • New energy vehicles: hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, solar electric vehicles, natural gas and other new energy sources, clean fuels, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving vehicles
  • Pure electric vehicles: electric cars, buses, electric cleaning vehicles, electric trucks, various wagons, electric golf carts, electric tractors, electric police patrol cars, electric four-wheelers, electric tricycles, low-speed electric vehicles, special electric vehicles
  • Power drive systems: power battery, battery management system, fuel cell, hybrid system, drive motor, electric control system, engine, inspection and repair equipment, related testing, protective equipment, related technology
  • New energy auto parts: power capacitors, flywheels, inverters, electric heat pumps, electric power steering, electric air conditioners, tires, wire connections, electromagnetic technology, related materials
  • Charging facilities: charging station power distribution equipment, charger, power monitoring system, charging pile, transformer, power distribution cabinet, cable, direct charging equipment, management auxiliary equipment, charging and battery management system, parking lot charging facility, intelligent monitoring, charging station power supply solution
  • Intelligent networked automotive technology and products: smart cars, smart electric cars, self-driving cars, driverless cars, flying cars, smart spare parts, ADSA (Advanced Driver Assistance System), communication modules, voice interaction technology, machine vision / image recognition technology, obstacle radar detection technology (laser, millimeter wave, ultrasonic)


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Want to visit exhibition on 14 Sept
I am Tushar from India.
I am visiting Guanzhou and want to visit the exhibition on 14 Sept. Can I visit? Is visitor entry free or chargable?


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