Expo Feanchising Guangzhou(Autumn)

Expo Feanchising Guangzhou(Autumn)
From November 26, 2021 until November 28, 2021
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)
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Guangzhou Franchise Exhibition-2022 Guangzhou Franchise Exhibition-Guangzhou Chain Franchise Exhibition【43rd】

Guangzhou Chain Franchise Expo: Luckin founder Lu Zhengyao wore a new brand and once more stepped on the outlet. GFE Guangzhou Franchise Exhibition teams up with 100,000+ professionals to share the franchise investment market's business wealth password. Six dumpling Wonton brands were presented at the GFE Guangzhou Franchise Expo. \"Fresh dumplings,\" with a new business model. Guangzhou Franchise Exhibition 2022, Spring in February. This is your chance to open a new cycle of franchise investment. Guangzhou chain franchise show: Ah Pop Lemon Tea, the new dark horse in the lemon tea industry, with every one of them on fire. The Guangzhou chain franchise exhibition will feature Tip of the Tongue workshops. This is the brand new launch by Lu Zhengyao, former chairman of Luckin Coffee. The Guangzhou Chain Franchise Exhibition will soon feature Yingge Soul! You can enjoy Chinese tea. Guangzhou Chain Franchise Exhibition: Dingji boneless Sauerkraut Fish, the best choice for franchise store owners! 2022 Guangzhou Chain Franchise Exhibition - Yue Dumpling King, thousands of shops, 78 cities and 30m2 small stores sold more than 10,000 each day. Guangzhou chain franchise exhibit: Three cups of durian, dare you to be the first to try the new drink, which is the best way to fight the current trend. Guangzhou Chain Franchise Exhibition: Grandma Beef Offal. Authentic Guangzhou Cuisine. 30 Years of Historical Feelings. Guangzhou Chain Franchise Exhibition Wan QianTang: 15 years of precipitation and oriental aesthetics. Guangzhou Chain Franchise Exhibition: 15 Years of rice noodles brand, every bowl of soup is carefully cooked.

Guangzhou International Franchise Exhibition, T43rd.

GFE Guangzhou franchise exhibition, led by the Guangzhou chain operation association, so far has successfully held more than 30 sessions, can be regarded as the heavyweight veteran in the field of China franchise exhibition. Franchise exhibition industry, GFE Guangzhou franchise exhibition, in the hearts of entrepreneurs and brand enterprises occupy the highest position in the arena.

From the first exhibition in 2001, GFE Guangzhou franchise exhibition has gone through many years, with more than 3000 participating brands and more than one million professional visitors. It is one of the largest franchise exhibitions in the world. The organizer relies on the authority of the industry association's powerful resources integration ability and 18 years of professional franchise exhibition operation experience, created the industry-leading, accurate and efficient franchise investment platform - GFE Guangzhou franchise exhibition.KFC, little sheep, pizza hut, Quan Jude, yonghe soy milk, fournette laundry and other hundreds of well-known chain brands with the development of the exhibition continued to grow and expand, chain stores throughout the country.GFE Guangzhou franchise exhibition with its professional, authoritative, normative franchising enterprises to establish a corporate image, expand brand influence, understand the industry development trend, the best choice for recruiting franchisee agents, help the exhibition participating brands to get more full display and high-quality investment effect.

GFE Guangzhou franchise show is an open, social responsibility of the outstanding enterprises. We believe that, under our joint efforts, China's franchise market, will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow!


Product Categories:
  • Food and beverage: Chinese and western catering, hot pot, coffee, bar, snack, barbecue, specialty drinks, and other franchised chain institutions
  • Education and training: educational institutions, professional training institutions, educational supplies, and other franchised chain institutions
  • Retail goods: fashion accessories, jewelry, supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, books, videos, and other franchised chain institutions
  • Infant and child products: educational toys, buggies and cribs, infant and child apparel, school supplies, nutrition supplies, and other franchise chain institutions
  • Clothing category: famous brand clothing, cloth art, cloth bags, shoes and socks, luggage and leather goods and related franchise chain institutions
  • Business services: color expansion and printing, IT network information, ticket service, real estate agency, laundry, home decoration, automobile beauty maintenance, express service, festive service, decoration design, business consulting and certification, and other franchised chain organizations
  • health and beauty category: beauty salon, body fitness, cosmetics, health care products, health care equipment and other franchise chain organizations
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Guangzhou - Canton Fair Complex, China


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