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Chinese Intelligent Electrical Vehicle Expo Asia

From October 13, 2019 until October 15, 2019
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Categories: New Energy, Auto Shows

Cutting-Edge Technologies.In-Depth Multi-Industry Logic Connection

The Expo connects you with more than 8,000 intelligent electrical vehicle industry engineers and executives, and more than 600 leading suppliers, from across the Intelligent EV|HEV|FEV - IEV Industry Parts - Renewable Energy industry. A powerful end-to-end showcase, this mega event delivers up-to-the-minute insights on electrical, intelligent and energy technology, along with the latest manufacturing solutions along the supply chain including electrical powertrains and components, auto electronics and intelligent driving system, new materials and manufacture equipment. Discover everything you need to make faster, smarter, and more cost-effective products at the most comprehensive event in China and Asia

The diversification of automobile driven energy based on secondary energy (electricity) is the trend. At present, lithium battery and hydrogen fuel cell are relatively mature and can be industrialized

With the development of science and technology, new materials will be widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing. At the same time, intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, the intelligent network is also rapidly applied in the car
China is stepping up the protection of intellectual property rights and has opened its investment share ratio. The "made in China, global market" of the automobile industry has become a trend. Large-scale automobile industry clusters will appear in China, from tesla's Chinese factories to automobile industrial parks in various regions of China

In this context, the new energy vehicle industry chain exhibition of the ministry of commerce, a platform for the global auto industry and serving the global auto industry, started in 2016 and is held every October in Hongqiao national convention and exhibition center, Shanghai, China. Highlights of the exhibition: 1.2. Market operation;3. The layout of the whole industrial chain;4. Global leadership in planning

Product Categories:
Intelligent Electrical Vehicles 
  • Intelligent EV, HEV, FEV  including 
  • Passenger Car
  • Bus
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Logistics Vehicle
  • Sanitation Vehicle
  • Special Vehicle
  • etc
IEV Industry Parts
  • Motors, Drivetrains, and Components
  • Automobile  Batteries  including  Lithium Cell, H2 Fuel Cell, Biofuel Cell, Methanol Fuel Cell, Ethanol  Fuel Cell, etc
  • Battery Charging Pile / Supply Equipment, Hydrogenation Station 
  • Auto Electronics, Intelligent Driving System, Internet+
  • New Materials such as Aluminum Vehicle Body, Carbon Vehicle Body
  • Vehicle CAE, CAD, etc
  • Intelligent equipment and Manufacture Engineering such as Body System, Electronic System, Engine System, Chassis System, General Parts and Materials
Renewable Energy 
  • Solar/PV System
  • ESS Battery System
  • Smart Grid System

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