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Guangdong(Guangzhou)General Merchandise Fair 2022

From May 31, 2022 until June 02, 2022
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Guangdong (Guangzhou) Merchandise Fair takes Guangzhou as the window, connects the pearl river delta, takes root in the south China market, radiates the whole China, and builds a professional, efficient and influential platform for promoting industry development and innovation, exploring new ideas for the development of daily necessities. As one of the most developed regions in China, Guangzhou daily necessities has a strong consumer demand and strong market guiding force and has become the most important domestic daily necessities production base and consumer market, which has a strong radiation effect on the whole country.

At the same time, the exhibition will be advertised through the extensive and influential outdoor advertising, professional market, using the telephone, WeChat, search engines, fax, E-mail, home visits methods such as inviting high quality professional dealers, agents, gift companies, business super, counters, hotels, mobile Internet business mechanism, what business team, cross-border electricity purchasing groups and so on, the audience is expected to exceed 30000 person-time, achievement enterprise, market, buyers between the win-win situation.

Whether you want to improve the brand image, maintain customer relations, or expand the new business around the country,  Guangdong (Guangzhou) daily merchandise expo will be your show enterprise-strength, looking for partners, to achieve business cooperation of the wise choice!

Product Categories

Stainless steel products, disposable products, plastic products, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, bamboo and wood products, glassware, daily ceramics, bathroom supplies, daily chemicals, household supplies, small household, small household utensils, cups and POTS, tea sets


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