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Asia Pacific(Guangzhou) healthy breathing Summit Forum cum expo

From June 10, 2019 until June 12, 2019
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"National health" has risen to the national strategy, from the perspective of user demand, health has become a rigid demand. The implementation of the "two-child" policy and the aggravation of the aging degree of the society make the scale of the health demand group expand rapidly and give birth to the health consumption market with great potential. In such a context, not only is the "two net" products represented by the rapid expansion of the emerging health home appliances market scale, but the traditional household electrical products are also rapidly approaching health. At the same time, due to the formation of the concept of quality consumption, the trend of consumption upgrading is very obvious. Consumers' demand for home appliance products is no longer limited to the basic functions. The health function market is increasingly favored by consumers, and the health home appliance market has huge potential.

As the world's only high-end and professional brand exhibition of the healthy breathing industry chain, after five years of cultivation, the cumulative visitor flow of "how fair" has reached more than 50,000 people. Trade matching for purchasing missions from 13 countries; Hundreds of media around the world conducted live interviews and reports, and various media reprinted more than 10,000 pieces, with a total click of more than 10 million, which effectively enhanced the brand awareness and influence of exhibitors, and participation in the expo has become a symbol of corporate strength. Together with "huwu fair", it provides a strong guarantee for the 2019 Asia-Pacific (guangzhou) healthy living appliance exhibition.
As a professional brand exhibition of the health home appliance industry chain, the organizing committee knows that it is far from enough to meet the needs of the rapid development of the brand merely to promote and display and expand channels. Therefore, the organizing committee has planned and targeted to integrate more cross-border resources every year since it started to hold the exhibition. According to the ecological needs of brand and channel development, more resources needed for brand development will be integrated at different levels. At the same time with the national procurement team seamless docking, to create a real international exchange and business integration platform.



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