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Tianjin International Plastic Rubber & Packaging Industry Exhibition (CPRE)

From March 06, 2020 09:00 until March 09, 2020 16:30
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The exhibition attracts visitors from all over the world

After years of development, Tianjin International Plastic Rubber & Packaging Industry Exhibition (Tianjin Plastics Exhibition) has been highly recognized by the government authorities, exhibitors and visitors. With an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters and a professional audience of 20,000, it has attracted German Klaus Maffei, Jordan, American Dynisco, Celanese, Italian prance and DEGA, Austria wham barton Phil, South Korea, Japan east STAR SEIKI, reach Singapore, China chemical industry, Haitian molding machine, bo gen, Haida, male, ramada, prosperous Xin, Teri and Dalian machine, rubber, the secret, "grant, Germany Kumar, jaguar, union rises, Rio start, Xinlong, faith, TongJia, Yeung Sum, heng wrong, Eva, northerners, h chi, high benefit, the spark, friends di, auspicious dragon, up to more than 500 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as exhibition, the exhibition internationalization rate nearly 20%, the exhibition held BBS activities related to 10 games, become the focus of the development of plastic industry, attracting global attention. Tianjin plastics exhibition was held by Xinhua news agency, People's Daily online, Tianjin television, jin wan evening news and other more than 100 media tracking reports, has become the upstream and downstream of the plastics industry brand display, technical exchanges, trade cooperation, publicity and promotion, international research in one of the high-end platform.


eight buyer clusters:

1. Automotive equipment: Toyota, Xiali, Great Wall, Volkswagen, brilliance Jinbei, Chang 'an automobile, BMW, Wanda tire, Kumho tire, Bridgestone, etc.;

2. Electronic components: Samsung, Panasonic, Foxconn, LG, IBM, AVX, Honeywell, Yamaha, Sanyo, etc.

3. New energy: vestas, Donggao membrane, Huaxia Hongyuan, Bick, Gomesa, Suzlon, central semiconductor, etc.

4. Biomedicine: Tianjin pharmaceutical, Tianshili, Glaxo, Novo Northam, Spikebicheng, Novozymes, etc.;

5. Aerospace: Airbus, Boeing, Avic group, Zuodi Yago, Indra, etc.

6. Packaging and printing: Cofco, Subiya, global printing, Zhonglong, Jiulong, rendering, Yongxin, Guangjuyuan, etc.

7. Building materials: shide, Jinpeng, Zhongcai, Liansu, Weixing, conch, etc.

8. Other applications: home appliances, logistics, transportation, food, daily necessities, sports, etc.


Scope of display:
  • Injection molding machinery plastic packaging machinery molds and processing equipment
  • Blow molding machinery printing and packaging equipment auxiliary equipment and testing instruments
  • Rubber machinery plastic rubber products mixing modified granulation equipment and technology
  • Extrusion machinery press, welding machine plastic parts
  • Packaging products film technology chemical industry and raw materials
  • In pieces 3 d technology recycling technology, reaction or reinforced resin mechanical mixer foam
  • Automation and robots exhaust gas control and dust control

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