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China International Preschool Education Expo 2021

From October 19, 2021 09:30 until October 21, 2021 18:00
(COVID-19 Alert, We advise visitors to check event status with organizers before visiting.)

China International Preschool Education Expo

China International Preschool Expo

Evergrande exhibition services (Beijing) co., Ltd. is located in Beijing, capital of China, and will hold the second China preschool education exhibition.

At present, the Chinese government is actively promoting the implementation of the third phase of an action plan for preschool education and accelerating the construction of a public service system for preschool education that covers a wide range of areas and ensures basic and quality services. Pre-school education market potential, urged industry brand enterprises, China association of toys and infant child items in successful operations CTE China toy show children education toys "house", "preschool education equipment pavilion" five years later,  independent launched Shanghai Chinese preschool education and equipment exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese preschool education exhibition ChinaPreschool Expo, CPE abbreviations).

CPE China preschool education exhibition has more than 100 international brands, covering 30 countries and regions including Germany, the United States, Canada, South Korea, and Australia. Domestic Zhejiang yongjia, Jiangsu buoying, Shandong Linyi and other production areas of the overall appearance, Europe and Mongolia, Huawei, colorful flowers, dolphin media, and other well-known early childhood education integrators all exhibitors. During the exhibition, it attracted 24,564 professional buyers from home and abroad, including 1,546 international buyers from 106 countries and regions. Exhibition held in same CTE Chinese toy exhibition, CLE China authorized exhibition and CKE restaurants did the infant child exhibition, exhibition of four stage, the overall size of 180000 square meters, 2023 exhibitors, more than 3616 brands, with 71819 professional buyers from home and abroad, including international buyers up to 6079 people, "Asia the first scale, internationalization, specialization" get the industry recognized brand status.

China International Preschool Education Expo is a platform for product/service procurement and cooperation in the whole industry chain of preschool education, which comprehensively covers the preschool education product category and the entire industry chain. It is the best procurement and cooperation platform for directors, early childhood education dealers, and investors and is dedicated to promoting the healthy and rapid development of China's early childhood education industry.

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