China Xiamen Traditional Handicraft Fair 2023

China Xiamen Traditional Handicraft Fair
From May 12, 2023 until May 15, 2023
Xiamen - Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, China
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

China Xiamen International Handicraft Fair

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Xiamen International
Conference & Exhibition Center.

China Xiamen International Handicraft Fair will be held May 12-16, 2022, in Xiamen (China). The Xiamen Handicraft Fair 2020 invites handicraftsmen, craftsmen, and collectors to participate in a platform for trade, appreciation, communication, and display.
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China is recognized as a great handicraft country in the world. Its all-embracing traditional craft and modern elements collide to generate emerging categories and forms of craft creation, and "craftsmanship" runs through the whole process of craft development.

With the rise of modern industry, cheap industrial products have almost eliminated the demand for handicrafts in People's Daily life. However, with the development of The Times, people gradually realized that the cultural background and national skills contained in handicrafts could not be imitated by standardized industrial commodities after all. Consumers are increasingly looking for products that are personalized, culturally and emotionally valuable; At the same time, the diversification of global sales channels brings new opportunities different from the past for traditional handicrafts and promotes the transformation of crafts into collection-oriented, innovation-oriented and international-oriented. The prospect of Chinese traditional handicrafts industry is unlimited.

China Xiamen international handicraft exhibition focuses on the display of classic handicraft products such as splendid embroidery, ceramics, lacquerware, carving, weaving, painting and so on. It invites high-quality merchants from all aspects and creates an industry event of information exchange and product trading for handicraft workers with high-quality services.

Product Categories

  • Ceramics, lacquer, bamboo,
  • Engraving, dyeing, weaving, weaving,
  • Cutting, painting, creative handwork
  • And other traditional handicrafts
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Xiamen - Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, China Xiamen - Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, China



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Intending the craft fair
Hello i would like to participate to your craft fair
Randrianaivo Faravololona Lalao
Demande de participation à la foire
Bonjour. Je suis intéressé par la foire des artisans en Chine et je voudrait avoir plus d'information. Je travaille sur les pierres de décoration , pierres précieuses et fines pour bijoux fait main . je viens de Madagascar.
Tel -Madagascar : +261 340361307
-Maurice : +230 59844978

Randrianaivo Faravololona Lalao
Participation à la foire
Bonjour. Je vous demande la permission de participer à la foire artisanat en Chine. Je travaille sur le pierres précieuse , pierres de décoration , bijoutier faits mains de Madagascar .
Je voudrai avoir plus de détail.
Tel: -Madagascar : +261 340361307
-Maurice : +230 59844978

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