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Shanghai International Advanced Materials Fair

From June 03, 2020 until June 05, 2020
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"AM China new materials exhibition" was founded by Shanghai zhongyi exhibition co., LTD in 2009 and held annually in Shanghai. In the Shanghai exhibition co., LTD. And the Chinese materials research society, China microns nanotechnology institute, China petroleum, and chemical industry federation chemical new material silicate industry association professional committee, the Shanghai Association for many industries such as new materials in the field of professional exhibitions, is the new material industry-leading brand exhibition in Asia.

The exhibition will be held in the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai), with an exhibition area of nearly 30,000 square meters, to consolidate the status of "China's first exhibition of new materials" in the market operation, and at the same time, make a solid step towards the international top new materials exhibition!

Shanghai International Advanced Materials Fair display products like rare earth materials and products, manufacturing processing equipment, instrument, industrial ceramics- all kinds of ceramics, electronic device for industry, all kinds of grinding balls, raw material, auxiliary material, production equipments, non-metal wear-resistant material, composite wear-resistant materials, antifriction engineering technology, hard-faced ,surfacing material and equipment etc. 


Product Categories:
  • At the forefront of the new material: nanographene, industrial ceramics, fluorine plastic, fine powder, vacuum coating technology and materials, optical thin film and display materials, laser technology and material, wear-resisting, anti-corrosion technology and materials, sapphire, and artificial crystal, silicone rubber, 3 d printing technology and materials, advanced composite materials, intelligent materials, special glass, advanced polymer materials, etc
  • New metal materials, chemical materials, new energy materials, electronic materials, etc
  • High-end metal structure materials: high-quality special steel, advanced magnesium alloy, advanced titanium alloy material, new aluminum alloy material, etc
  • New inorganic nonmetallic materials: advanced ceramics, special glass, new building materials, artificial crystal, sapphire, etc
  • High-performance fiber and composites: high-performance fiber and materials, carbon fiber materials, resin matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, carbon/carbon composites, metal composites, etc
  • Advanced polymer materials: polyimide, Teflon, polycarbonate, functional elastomer materials, special rubber, engineering plastics, silicon materials, high-performance fluoro silicon materials, functional membrane materials, etc
  • New energy materials: photocatalytic energy materials, solar photovoltaic materials, lithium-ion battery materials, advanced energy storage materials, wind power materials, new light source materials, oil and gas field advanced materials, etc
  • Electronic materials: dielectric materials, semiconductor materials, integrated circuit and photoelectric device materials, piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials, thermoelectric materials, conductive metals and their alloys, magnetic materials, photoelectronic materials, electromagnetic wave shielding materials, multi-iron materials, ferroelectric materials, amorphous alloys, and high-entropy alloys, oxide storage materials, etc
  • Material production and processing equipment and technology: metal liquid forming, welding, plastic processing, laser processing, and rapid forming, heat treatment and surface modification, powder metallurgy, plastic forming and other forming equipment and technology, integrated computing materials engineering, high-throughput preparation technology
  • Physical property test instrument and equipment: particle size meter, thermal analysis instrument, rheometer/viscometer, testing machine, physical property test of the surface interface, thickness gauge, mechanical property test equipment, nondestructive testing instrument, other instruments and equipment
  • Laboratory equipment: cleaning/disinfection equipment, sample preparation/digestion equipment, separation/extraction equipment, mixing/dispersing equipment, constant temperature/heating/drying equipment, crushing equipment, synthesis/reaction equipment, refrigeration equipment, laboratory furniture, other common laboratory equipment
  • Optical instruments and equipment: electron microscope, optical microscope, optical measuring instrument, optical experimental equipment, optical imaging equipment, etc
  • Chemical analytical instruments: chromatography, spectrum, mass spectrometry, X-ray instruments, elemental analyzer, spectrum, LIMS software, other general analytical instruments
  • Measuring/measuring instruments: balance/weighing instrument, temperature measuring instrument, length measuring instrument, surface measuring instrument, other measuring and measuring instruments
  • Chemical reagents and standard substances; Related spare parts and consumables


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