China (Shenyang) International Tea Industry Expo 2022

From August 19, 2022 until August 22, 2022
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)
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1. Shenyang population.

2. Shenyang's administrative divisions: Shenyang boasts a total 13 county-level administrative areas, which include 10 municipal districts and 2 counties.

3. Shenyang's economy. Shenyang, the largest city in the Northeast, is also the core of the Shenyang Economic Zone (Shenyang Metropolitan Circle), which is currently under construction. It is located in the middle of the Northeast Asian Economic Circle (Bohai Economic Circle) and has a wide range of industries as well as an important strategic location. Shenyang, one of the nation's heavy industry bases, was primarily built by the state during the founding of China's People's Republic of China. It focuses mainly on the manufacture of equipment. After decades of development, Shenyang now has 142 industrial types. In 2013, more than 4,000 industrial companies of the designated size had been established, and the region's GDP was more than 700 billion Yuan. Shenyang Technological Industrial Development Zone (Dalian Technical Industrial Zone) was upgraded to Shenyang University National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. This made it one of 14 independent innovation zones in China. The Shenda Demonstration Zone can be described as \"four districts and one centre\", which entails the high-end equipment R&D, manufacturing cluster, transformation, upgrading, and pioneering area for open innovation in the old northeast. Northeast Asia Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. The unified accounting of Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Statistics shows that Shenyang's GDP in 2019 was 647.03 trillion yuan. This is 4.2% more than the previous year at similar prices. The added value of different industries was 28.40 Billion Yuan, an increase in 3.8%; 217.86 Billion Yuan was the added value for the secondary industry, an increase by 2.4%; 400.76 Billion yuan was the added value for the tertiary sector, an increase in 5.2%. The preliminary accounting figures for Shenyang's 2018 region GDP were revised by the Provincial Bureau of Statistics. They came out at 610.19 billion Yuan. The added value of each industry was: 26.01 billion Yuan, 208.55 Billion Yuan, and 375.63 Billion Yuan. The per capita disposable income for urban residents in Shenyang increased 6.5% by 2018, to 44,054 Yuan. The per capita consumption expenditure rose 7.6% to 32,235 Yuan. Rural residents had a per capita disposable income of 16,530 yuan which was an increase by 6.9%. The per capita consumption expenditure was 11,395 Yuan, an 8.1% increase. 72.06 billion Yuan was the general public's budget revenue. This is 10.0% more than in the previous year. There were also various taxes at 57.81 billion Yuan, which represents 7.9% more. Value-added tax increased by 3.3% to 23.24 billion Yuan; corporate income tax rose 6.2% to 9.72 billion Yuan; personal income tax rose 7.4% from 3.18 billion Yuan; land value added tax increased by 22.7% to 3.6 billion yuan; cultivated land tax fell by 62.6% to 170 million yuan; and deed tax increased 45.5% at 5.03 billion. The overall public budget expenditure reached 96.49 trillion yuan, an increase by 12.9% over the prior year. These include an increase in medical and health spending by 4.4%, social safety and employment expenditure increasing by 9.2%, urban community affairs expenditure increasing by 8.9% and transportation expenditure increasing by 38.3%.

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