Major exhibits

  • wine: red wine, white wine, peach red wine, dry wine, static wine, sweet wine, fortified wine, strong wine and service provider (organization);
  • wine and spirits: champagne, sherry, ice wine, brandy, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, sake, sparkling wine, tequila, health wine, wine, and food, etc.
  • traditional and fashionable wine: liquor, yellow wine, health wine, etc. Alcoholic beverages, including beer, cocktail, fruit wine, etc.
  • alcohol services: wine accessories and appliances, alcohol education and training, wine service providers (liquor investment institutions, logistics transportation service providers, liquor storage service providers, etc.);
  • wine promotion and organization: MEDALS, certificates, wine books, magazines, websites, culture, advertising, gifts, education training institutions and service agencies, etc.

Target audiences

1. Professional channels:

  • enterprise platforms: group purchase units, associations, business groups, state-owned enterprises, international companies, etc. Terminal network seller, online store e-commerce, etc.
  • retail agent: Shanghai and surrounding cities more than 30 m wine industry wholesalers, distributors, retailers, agents, importers, downstream distributors and conduits, large supermarkets and supermarket chains;
  • catering and entertainment: large hotels, high-end western restaurants, nightclubs, and restaurant chains.
  • transportation: duty-free shops, duty-free operators, airlines, cruise ships and ferry companies with alcohol demand.

2. Industry customers:

  • enterprises: decision supervisor, purchasing department staff, purchasing manager, buyer, designer, etc., of liquor importers, agents and traders;
  • Catering: sommelier, bartender, wine appraiser, Chinese and Western chef, pastry chef, western pastry chef, candy shop, gourmet, etc.
  • Media: wine, consumer, food, hotel and health;

3. Visitors

VIP customers of real estate, aerospace, automobiles, luxury brands, VIP customers of financial institutions, etc., business elites, white-collar workers, senior managers, government enthusiasts, and wine fans among Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Shanghai.