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Int`l new generation health care & Health MGT(Shanghai)Expo

From September 28, 2020 09:00 until September 30, 2020 18:00

Int`l new generation health care & Health MGT(Shanghai)Expo Int`l new generation health care & Health MGT(Shanghai)Expo

Exhibition introduction:

"Int`l new generation health care & Health MGT(Shanghai)Expo " is an important part of China international health industry expo.The world expo weijian international health industry expo was launched in 2003, which was named CIHIE weijian expo for short. So far, it has been successfully held for dozens of sessions.Approved by the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China, co-sponsored by China association for the promotion of international health care exchanges and Beijing world expo wei international exhibition co., LTD.After more than ten years of unremitting efforts,CIHIE· weijian expo has grown from 80 booths at the beginning to more than 1,800 booths now.The exhibition scale has developed from 2000 square meters to 50000 square meters.The number of exhibitors has grown from more than 60 to more than 1,200, and the participating countries have grown from a single China to 26 countries in the world.The number of visitors has grown from 2000 to 64925.It has been evaluated as "national key guiding and supporting exhibition" by the ministry of commerce for many years.

Platform advantages

1. Focusing only on the great health exhibition, it has strongly promoted the integrated development momentum of China's great health industry, and is a high-quality platform for enterprises to seek business opportunities, shape the international brand image, and go to the global market in a strong way.
2. Successfully held dozens of health industry expos and world health industry conferences to promote and lead exhibitions;
3. The annual exhibition area is more than 50,000 square meters, serving more than 1,200 exhibitors at home and abroad, and nearly 70,000 professional buyers and visitors;
4. Tour exhibition in Beijing, Shanghai and chengdu, which leads the market nationwide;
5. The total exhibition area reaches 650,000 square meters, creating a brand feast for the health industry;
6. Our services come from nearly 60 countries and regions and nearly 15,000 exhibitors, so we trust them for their professionalism;
7. The accumulated total audience is more than 1.1 million, and the huge audience database is the business opportunity database;
8. Accumulated intention trade is nearly 50 billion yuan, and substantial economic benefits are sought for enterprises. 

Resource advantage

1, data resources: expo "health fair after more than ten years of precipitation, set up nearly 1 million + high quality professional buyers database, according to the characteristics of the products, local characteristics and the demand of the exhibitors, the database will locate precisely, directional invitations, matching counterparts, buyers, agents, etc., for the exhibitors to expand sales channels.Set up purchasing agent conference to link all resources.
2. High-end experts and community resources: successfully held the "world health industry conference", attracting the attention of many national leaders, many heads of state sent congratulatory messages.Every year, the world expo wei-health expo attracts many domestic and foreign health industry experts to attend the conference and make speeches, constantly enhancing and enriching the database of expert think tanks.The government, industry associations, major hospitals, major health management agencies, business alliances, economic federations, foreign Chambers of commerce, embassies in China and other institutions have maintained close contact and cooperation.We provide exhibitors with the following precise services: resource docking, media interview docking, procurement docking, access to Beijing docking, e-commerce docking, expert docking, inspection docking, financing docking, evaluation docking, product positioning consulting, marketing consulting and other precise services.
3. Advantages of media matrix publicity
Media publicity: pre-exhibition warm-up, interview in the exhibition, follow-up report after the exhibition;
Multi-channel promotion: xinhua, phoenix, sina, sohu, toutiao and other 120 network media;China central television, Beijing television and major local radio stations;Youku, iQIYI, tencent and other networks video;China food news, health times and other print media;WeChat public platform and other we-media.Through the exhibition trade platform to continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the formation of a unique strong brand, enhance the recognition of enterprises in the hearts of consumers.


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