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China (Chongqing) International Door & Window Exhibition

From October 23, 2020 09:00 until October 25, 2020 18:00
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As a key introduction project in Chongqing, the exhibition has received strong support and joint participation from the government and Chongqing international expo center. Chongqing international Windows and doors exhibition sincerely invites your participation, hoping to create a high-end event of the brand display, business cooperation and value sharing together with architectural decoration industry elites. As one of the five major economic sectors of China's economy, the western region has maintained rapid development with strong growth of various types of consumption. As the only municipality directly under the central government in western China, Chongqing is the key engine of western economic development, the intersection of western economy and trade, and the main driving force for western construction. For China's central and western regions, to central Asia and the Middle East, the building decoration industry, have a strong role in radiation. With the continuous fermentation of Chongqing's real estate industry policy, the future home building materials and decoration industry will usher in a high-speed development period, with unlimited prospects.

Product Categories

Industry product: including solid wood door, decorative craft door, ecological door, aluminum door, door, steel door, steel door, metal door, bronze, imitation bronze, iron, wenqi door, bamboo and wood doors, automatic doors, security doors, fire door, composite door, molded door, wood and plastic doors, door, partition door, shutter door, closet door, cabinet door, folding door, sliding door, hung on the door, rolling door, invisible screen window, door, lu: su doors, fence, etc.;Aluminum alloy door, Kentucky door, aluminum alloy folding door, electric folding door, aluminum alloy shutter door, garage door, shutter door, electric shutter door, fast shutter door, sliding door;Decorative door cover, decorative bed cover, decorative wood line, decorative wallboard, decorative shed board, decorative partition, board, veneer, wood plastic, wood screen, wood carving, polymer materials, sealing materials and other new wooden materials;Door industry equipment: door making machinery, door complete set production and processing equipment;Door control technology, locks and doors and Windows hardware accessories;Door coating, glue, paint chemical products, etc.
Curtain wall and window system: door and window system, shading system, ventilation system;Sunshine room, shutters, hollow Windows, window screens, invisible window screens, Anti-theft window screens, Windows, energy-saving doors and Windows, high-end doors and Windows, intelligent doors and Windows, new Windows and doors, antique doors and Windows;Balcony sliding doors and Windows, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, aluminum wood composite doors and Windows, color aluminum doors and Windows.
Window and profile: aluminum profile, heat insulation strip theme section profile: aluminum profile, broken bridge aluminum, aluminum alloy profile, aluminum, aluminum wood profile, stainless steel profile, aluminum surface treatment, window screen profile, window screen material, window screen mesh, etc.Aluminum insulation strip for the broken bridge, PA66 insulation strip, nylon insulation strip, Angle glue, and other insulation materials.
Glass and plate system: art glass, glass curtain wall, curtain wall glass, insulating glass, Low-E glass, fire-resistant glass, insulating glass, insulating glass, building glass insulation film, vacuum glass, solar photovoltaic glass, molecular sieve, rubber strip, spacer and other building glass and accessories;Aluminum curtain wall, aluminum board, aluminum veneer, aluminum plastic board, aluminum honeycomb board, titanium zinc board, ultra-thin stone, ceramic board, copper board and other metal curtain wall materials, non-metallic curtain wall materials
Doors and Windows curtain wall equipment: doors and Windows processing equipment, aluminum doors and Windows equipment, glass processing equipment, hollow glass processing, hollow glass production line, hollow glass production equipment, glass deep processing equipment, corner machine, and other doors and Windows equipment and machinery.
Hardware accessories: doors and Windows hardware, doors, and Windows accessories, aluminum alloy doors and Windows accessories, window openers, window openers, electric window openers, ventilators, ventilation systems, natural ventilators, sealing strips, doors and Windows sealing strips, connecting claws and other curtain wall hardware, doors and Windows hardware accessories
Structural adhesive: structural adhesive, silicone sealant, silicone sealant, building structural adhesive, glass sealant, polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane foaming agent, adhesive gun, pneumatic adhesive gun, and other sealant products and tools
Other related: the whole home, the whole furniture, the custom home, the whole wardrobe, the stairs, the whole cabinet, the whole steel (iron) cabinet, the wine cellar, the whole wood skirt wall, the whole study, the whole kitchen, the cloakroom, the tatami, the housing industrialization, the association, the media, etc.;

Enelyn Sablayan
Greetings from the Philippines!
I am an architectural Designer. I have read thru internet that you will have an exposition this coming October 26-29, 2019. And we are planning to attend to see the exposition and to seek a possible Business Partner that will supply us in the Philippines a furniture, building materials. However, we do not know if we have to pre-register on your website to get a badge from you or we have to ask an invitation letter from your good office.
thank you

Door fair
I will be there at the trade Fair

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