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Shanghai International Food & Drinks Fair

From October 20, 2020 09:00 until October 22, 2020 18:00
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Shanghai International Food & Drinks Fair


Shanghai International Food & Drinks Fair (SFDF) has been widely spread as the “link of friendship, bridge of commerce”. In the beautiful early summer, tens of thousands of traders and customers in the field of wine and food industries from the whole world get together in Shanghai to enjoy the joy of brewing wine and sharing sweet dishes. Shanghai is one of China's economy, transportation, science & technology, industry, finance, exhibition and shipping center as well as is the location of the first free trade zone in mainland China-China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade. Meanwhile, Shanghai also has the title of “capital of China exhibition”, and most international grand exhibitions were held in here. The total annual revenue of the exhibition in Shanghai accounted for nearly 50% of nationwide exhibition’s revenue. Shanghai is in possession of unique advantages to hold the International Food & Drinks Fair with a population of more than 23 million, strong consumption ability and wide influence, and this fair could be helpful for more wine and food enterprises at home and abroad to better grasp consumption situation and development trends, to build up a favorable communication platform. During the period of this fair, tens of thousands of new products in the area of wine and food industries at home and abroad will be displayed in the fair and millions of professional buyers will participate in the event, which will provide an excellent and must-coming opportunity for manufacturers and sales agency enterprises at domestic to find dealer and agent, to set up a marketing system. Based in Shanghai, with the support of the massive demands of China market, SFDF will endeavor to build the top influential event of international wine and food industries in Asia-Pacific regions.

Product Categories:

•Chinese famous wine exhibition area: liquor, yellow wine, domestic wine, health wine, winery, etc.
•International famous wine exhibition area: wine, beer, cocktails, fruit wine, brandy, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, sake, agave, etc.
•Food & Beverage exhibition area: Imported foods, baked goods, snack foods and sweets, fresh foods, edible oils and olive oil, fruits and vegetables, canned foods, natural and health foods, fashion drinks, high-end bottled water, milk and dairy products, ice cream and cold drinks , coffee and tea, etc.
•Catering and franchise exhibition areas: catering industry and catering materials, hotel, and restaurant chain franchise, catering to new retail and digital management.

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