Shriners Sportsmans Raffle 2023

Shriners Sportsmans Raffle
From January 21, 2023 until January 21, 2023
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)
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Detroit 2022 Summer Sportsmans Raffle by Houser and Hennessee - Vimeo.

All those who won prizes in the Shriners 18th annual Summer Sportsman's raffle deserve congratulations. It is important to note that the winners certificates will not be processed in time due to summer vacations at our office. This year, it will take around three weeks for you receive them.

We also want to thank everyone who purchased or helped sell tickets for Shriners even though it was virtual and not possible to attend. This event still has the highest raffle in the Midwest, with 120 prizes in main raffle and 40 in seller's raffle.

The 9th Annual Shriners Winter Sportsman's Raffle will be live at the Suburban Collection Showplace, Saturday, January 21, 2023. Tickets will be available starting in September. For more information and ticket deals, please visit this website.

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Registration and Get Tickets

You should register on the official site of Shriners Sportsmans Raffle.
Make sure that you double-check the date and address.

Venue Map and Hotels Around

Novi - Suburban Collection Showplace, MI, USA


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