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International Component Manufacturing And Design Show 2022

From May 31, 2022 until June 02, 2022

International Component Manufacturing& Design Show (ICMD), is specially designed for the business of medical device manufacturers and upstream product suppliers, which include Materials, Design, R&D, Components, parts, modules, software, data processing, Manufacturing equipment, OEM technology, Packaging, Printing, Cleaning, disinfecting and other relative services.

ICMD collocated with CMEF-Asia Pacific’s biggest event serving the entire value chain for the medical device market, focuses on the upstream business of the medical device industry, is the primary platform of meeting clients, promoting business, learning latest innovation and networking with the industry.

One of the best sub-brands of the CMEF is the International Component Manufacturing & Design Show (ICMD). It was established in 2004 and had since then become the biggest platform for integrated services in the Asia-Pacific region. Its major mission is to focus on the exhibition and presentation, procurement and trade, cooperation and exchange of the products and technology in the upstream business of the medical device industries. The show covers a wide range of fields. The list is as follows: industrial design, electronic components, medical sensors, smart chips, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, packaging equipment, medical materials, motors, pump and motion control parts, software and data processing, registration and intelligent manufacturing. To fulfill the in-depth joint development of the entire chain in the medical device market, the collaboration between the ICMD and the CMEF is specially designed for the business of medical device manufacturers and upstream product suppliers.


Product Categories
  • Materials
  • Design, research, and development
  • Components, parts, and modules
  • Software and data processing
  • Manufacturing equipment and OEM technology
  • Packaging and printing
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Relative services

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