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CIAACE Guangzhou International Exhibition of Automobile Products, Auto Parts & Post-market Services

From July 01, 2018 until July 03, 2018
Categories: Auto & Automotive

Guangzhou automobile international exhibition of supplies, spare parts after the consignment service (hereinafter referred to as: the trade in guangzhou exhibition), the organizers of the exhibition "elite troops" in the field of trade release 218 countries international resources, combined with the jas, 16 years deep accumulation and unique exhibition of auto aftermarket and incomparable professional information delivery capabilities, combination, to promote the actual effect, to do the international procurement do big, let China lead to global brand goods.
Guangzhou is known as the birthplace of automotive supplies, automotive aftermarket industry base. Has nearly 30 years of development history, yongfu road business circle, is the rich land of auto aftermarket practitioners, out of the don't know how many big enterprises and famous brands, achievement also don't know how many successful people, whether enterprise, distribution channels, inc., or industry group, after carrying the whole car market people here too much past, wind and rain, and the dream. Guangzhou will be firmly established to fully display the exhibition pattern of the whole industrial chain base of China international trade & asen development force. Through the exhibition, the "core force" of the industry, which is dispersed after the relocation of Zeng yinyongfu road, will be gathered to seize many business opportunities at home and abroad brought by the exhibition and accelerate the enterprise's overseas market layout.
At present, with the diversification of after-market maintenance channels, the gradual break of technology and accessory monopoly, the whole business model has also changed. With The Times, in addition to the size of the "large and complete", the main focus on the "effectiveness" inside and outside and repair, through the exhibition of the latest products, the centralized output of new projects, comprehensive promotion of the industry brand development process;Through a variety of forms, rich content of a number of activities in the same period, the analysis of venture capital industry difficulties and opportunities to help enterprises to solve the problem of profit development;Through the "foreign merchants procurement matching meeting" with efficient matching and precise docking, Chinese brands will be promoted to the world, which will create a high-end platform for the industry to connect talent projects with capital, help the whole industrial chain upgrade, and show the "hard strength" of the exhibition.


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Ali Sadeghi
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I am Ali Sadeghi from Iran.i decide to come to Guangzhou to visit the fair about the auto parts. Please send me an e-ticket or VIP entrance card to visit the fair. Ali Sadeghi [email protected] ahoo.com


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