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Guangzhou International Fruit Expo

From July 16, 2020 09:00 until July 18, 2020 17:00
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Guangzhou International Fruit Expo

Implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, is a major policy decisions, of which parties 19 is decisive to build a well-off society in an all-around way, and the historical tasks of the construction of modern socialist country, is a new era of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" work always gripper, continue to intensify QiangNong its rich peasants policy, promoting agricultural modernization, a new situation was created in the cause of the party and the state comprehensive provides important support.
With the promotion of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, the fruit industry has become a key area for the country to build in the future, and the development of the fruit industry has also received strong support from the country.
Facing the increasingly severe global market environment, the way forward for the fruit industry rings camel bells. After a year of careful preparation, the organizing committee of the world fruit fair invites domestic and foreign wholesale markets, distribution agents, chain agencies, large supermarkets, e-commerce, and other professional visitors to provide a professional platform for the majority of exhibitors, professional attitude to achieve professional brand. The exhibition contents include fresh fruit, finished fruit processing products, deep processing technical equipment, fresh distribution operation and technology, fruit planting and post-harvest technology, fresh retail industry and technical equipment, etc

Product Categories
  • Fresh fruit: fresh fruit, fresh-cut, and convenient products, organic products, e-commerce, chain brands.
  • Fruit processing products: frozen fruit, dehydrated fruit, canned fruit, fruit juice, jam, dried fruit, dried fruit, nuts, deep processed fruit products, urban farm, etc.
  • Technical equipment for deep processing of fruits: classification and sorting, intelligent detection, transportation, cleaning, juicing, beating, peeling and coring, crushing, cooking, filtration and separation, CIP cleaning, sterilization, concentration and evaporation, drying and cooling, tank group pipeline, automatic control system;Cleaning and processing production line, fruit processing equipment, fruit cleaning equipment;Fruit juice production line, fruit testing and analysis instruments;Code printer, anti-counterfeiting packaging technology equipment.
  • Fresh distribution operation and technology: cold chain and distribution services, fresh e-commerce, food preservation equipment, refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment, refrigeration, and frozen transport equipment and accessories, cold chain storage and handling equipment, refrigeration materials, and accessories.
  • Fruit cultivation and postharvest technology: fruit cultivation techniques, fertilizer, seeds, seedlings, soil conditioner, greenhouse equipment, automation control system, irrigation, hamper equipment of diseases and pests, fruit harvesting equipment, technology, packaging materials, packaging, packaging equipment, storage equipment, tracing technology and system, equipment and inspection and quarantine institutions, moisture meter, soil testing, detect pesticide residues, sugar, etc.
  • The fresh retail industry and technical equipment: commercial information management system, a fresh e-commerce system, commercial warehousing, and logistics system, store management information, label printing equipment, etc.

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