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China International Robot Show 2021

From May 26, 2021 until May 28, 2021

China international robot exhibition (CIROS) is an exhibition platform of the whole industrial chain of robots in China jointly organized by China machinery industry federation, China robot industry alliance and Shanghai China robot exhibition co., LTD., and has cooperated with major robot industry organizations at home and abroad to create the most professional exhibition in the robot industry.CIROS since 2012 founded, always adhere to the market share, service concept, in order to market demand as the guide, for the purpose of the service industry to "the international high-end conference + industry professional exhibition" feature, 7 consecutive terms to obtain high recognition international federation of robotics (IFR), one of the world's four big robot exhibition, is the domestic and foreign exhibitors and spectators the exchange of learning platform.

The exhibition in addition to the robot body, related spare parts, and integrated applications, more intelligent manufacturing system platform technology, intelligent manufacture cloud platform technology, industrial robots AR control technology and technology will present everybody AI man-computer cooperation, ABB, fanuc, yaskawa, kawasaki, shenyang siasun, cec, delft, central south in a large number of outstanding enterprises, such as intelligence, brings the latest products and technology to communicate;
At the same time, many professional technology conferences including CEO roundtable, integrated application conference, new retail BBS, cross-strait robot dialogue BBS, detection and certification theme BBS will also bring you the latest industry information and technology sharing.Meanwhile, the international federation of robotics and China robot industry alliance will also release the latest statistical data report.

China International Robot Show is the first robot platform for the whole industry chain national exhibition, jointly major robot at home and abroad Industry organizations work together to create the most professional exhibitions in the robot industry. It is one of the four largest robot exhibitions in the world, and it is the primary platform for exhibitors and visitors at home and abroad to exchange and learn.

 Product Categories:
  • Industry Robots
    Industry Robots/Application of the industrial robot products and solutions/Industrial robot development platform and software technology/AGV,RGV/3D printing:3D printing related technologies/Machine Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Service robot
    Commercial robots: Welcome robots, food delivery robots, reception robots;
    Housekeeping robots: personal assistance robots, emotional escort and communication robots, pet robots, cleaning robots, protection robots, cooking robots and other life-support robots;
    Education and entertainment robots: education-related robots, general platforms, humanoid robots;
    Medical robots: surgical robots, surgical simulation robots, delivery robots, drug distribution robots; nursing robots; medical transport assistance robots, rehabilitation assistance robots, body cleaning and care robots, specialized communication robots.
  • Specialized Robots
    Maintenance and inspection robots, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery related robots, disaster response robots, aerial operation robots
    Aerial UAV, mapping UAV, micro UAV, early warning UAV, multi-function UAV
  • Key parts of service robots
    Robot joints, robot-specific mobile devices, multi-functional robotic hands; engine reducers, power transmission devices, inward drives; sensors (visual, auditory, tactile and gustatory sensor, pressuresensor, movementsensor, etc.), navigation systems, control systems, analog testers, batteries, chargers, connecting wires, wired/wireless communications, Internet of things.

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Приглашение на выставку
Интересует участие в выставке. Можете ли вы сделать приглашение для оформления бизнес-визы?
Haru Uchida
I would like to have the information of the conpanies participated in CIROS 2019. Would you tell me how to get them? I look forward your reply.
Selina Banu
Would like to participate in the fair to look for the suitable supplier in educational robot

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