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From September 09, 2020 08:30 until September 11, 2020 18:00
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EV & Autotronics China

Shenzhen international automobile and future technology (EV&AUTOTRONICS China, referred to as "EVAC), held at Shenzhen convention &exhibition center, EVAC in view of the future development direction of the auto industry as the foundation, introduced the intelligent snatched, smart, energy SanDian technologies, such as display plate, driving new mode for the future automobile industry niche, taste is not the same as the future of the automobile industry standards.

Shenzhen as vanguard international future development, the international automobile industry to demonstrate the application and high and new technology innovation at the heart of the city, in China's south China market with the advantages of the high and new technology innovation talents converging factors, driven by birth of pan-pearl river delta in the future automobile industry cluster, across Asia has relatively complete industrial chain system, leading the Chinese automobile industry to the world in the future.

EVAC is an important platform for future automotive technology exchange and exhibition in China. You will communicate with over 30,000 professional buyers and over 300 high-tech automotive enterprises at home and abroad, presenting the vision of high-tech, green and international technology markets

Product Categories:


  • Intelligent driving & intelligent network alliance zone
    ADAS driving assistance systems (environment perception, night vision system, early warning system for interactive technology, artificial intelligence), radar, laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, V2X car road collaborative technology (V2N, V2V, V2I, V2P), car camera, car sensor module components, the domain controller, dynamic map technology and high precision positioning system, smart cockpit of electronic technology, networking products, unmanned vehicle technologies
  • Energy technology zone
    Power Battery, BMS battery management system drive motor, electronic control system, energy storage solutions, battery recovery, and treatment technology, charging and changing supporting station pile and charging comprehensive solutions, new energy, assembly connection components, test, and measurement equipment
  • Automotive electronics section
    Automotive electronic components, materials, on-board semiconductors, wiring harness connectors, sensors, on-board control units
  • New energy vehicle zone
    New energy commercial vehicle and future technology display, new energy vehicle competition exhibition area


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estoy interesado en su productos me gustaría mas información, catalogo y que un agente de venta se comunique con migo

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